Snippets of the week: Brighton daytrip & a new restaurant find

Happy bank holiday Sunday!


I’m so glad we were treated to a bit of sunshine yesterday as I had a short daytrip planned to Brighton, and even though the city is full of cosy pubs in case it rains, I do feel like it still really comes alive in the sun – it’s a seaside town after all! I think I’m going to do these daytrips a bit more often now, because Brighton is fast coming my favourite UK city after London, plus the return train fare is surprisingly cheap! You’ll need to take the slow train from Blackfriars, but even that won’t take you that long. I struggled slightly as I was a tiiiny bit hungover yesterday morning, but if, unlike me, you know your limits (who said it was a good idea to drink a bottle wine to an empty stomach?!) you should be absolutely fine!


Last week I also visited the newly opened London branch of the Aquavit restaurant near Piccadilly Circus. The place is inspired by the restaurant of the same name in New York (which has 2 Michelin stars by the way!) and serves, in their own words, contemporary Nordic cuisine from morning to night. We didn’t go to eat so I can’t say anything about the food, but I did love the atmosphere and the decor a lot – it actually reminded me a bit of another Nordic restaurant called Aster I visited recently in Victoria. Both used wood a lot in their decor and had lovely big windows bringing in lots of light. Aquavit’s cocktails looked amazing too, so I’m definitely going back there soon to try those..!


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