Snippets of the week: Notting Hill, Liverpool Street & flowers

Happy Sunday!


As I’ve been trying to get better at photography lately, and as the evenings are getting lighter and lighter, I thought I would start posting a bit more of my photos here too. Hopefully it will inspire me to go out and learn a bit more about my camera and my lenses every week – it’s something I’m getting more and more passionate about all the time.


This week I went for a walk in Notting Hill with my friend in search of pastel houses and thai food, and, on Friday, whilst I was waiting for a friend in Liverpool Street, I went and snapped a few shots of the beautiful nearby Finsbury Square. It was such a beautiful weekend and I’m so ridiculously happy about the blue skies and Spring finally being here. It’s definitely helping me to get out a bit more too!


Yesterday me and my boyfriend went for a walk in Green Park, and I was so happy to see those little buds of leaves on trees, and, of course, all the pink and white blossoms all around the park! Yes, Spring, you can definitely stay.



Definitely one of the prettiest London cinemas there are.



The beautiful Finsbury Square near Liverpool Street. With a lot of pretty buildings and a little park in the middle, it’s the perfect place to kill some time if you’re a bit too early for meeting someone in the area.



The perfect #strideby, right?


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