Snippets of the week: Pastel hunting in Farringdon

Happy Sunday!


There’s not too many snippets from this week, I’m afraid. Even though I was on holiday for one extra day, I didn’t manage to take many pictures at all, which is a shame, but that’s just how life sometimes rolls! It was my boyfriend’s birthday on Tuesday and we celebrated it by doing a bit of brunching, walking and generally just being tourists when there was way fewer people around in London. As you can imagine, taking pictures just didn’t feel like the most important to be doing!


I did do some pastel hunting on last Sunday though. I’ve been bookmarking pretty London places on my Instagram lately, and whenever I have time I’ll go and hunt one down – it makes me feel like a little explorer in times when London is in danger of just becoming that place of endless commuting and millions of busy people. This is why this blog is so important for me too – it makes me go out, explore and take pictures a bit more, which is always a good thing.


Here’s to being more productive next week – and eating as many Easter eggs as humanly possible!



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