Lunch at The Gipsy Queen, Kentish Town


As I mentioned in my What I Eat in a Day post, I’m currently in the elimination phase of the low FODMAP diet, which means that eating out is practically impossible. Or, I thought it was, anyway!


On the last bank holiday Sunday me and my colleagues were planning on going to the pub for Sunday roast, but seeing as I was on this diet, I didn’t think I could actually join in on the actual eating part. Still, I decided to try my luck and see if maybe I could have some of the side options, so I emailed the pub asking about ingredients and the cooking process. The email I got back completely surprised me – they were suggesting to make me something off the menu!


After a few hours of emailing back and forth, they suggested to make me quinoa with vegetables and a tomato & rucola side salad. The fact that I’m a vegetarian must have made things even more difficult, but they did their research and came up with this new dish for me – just so I wouldn’t have to be the only one not eating out of my friends. I just wanted to share this before I go into anything else as I was incredibly impressed by the service I got. They didn’t have to go to all these lengths to help me out, and I fully didn’t expect them to, which makes the gesture even sweeter. Thank you so much to all the lovely folk at Gipsy Queen!



As per usual, I’m going to rave about the decor, because as a visual person, that’s always what I’m most drawn to (after the menu, of course…). The Gipsy Queen has this cosy neighbourhood pub meets trendy bar vibe with it’s mix-and-match wooden chairs, exposed brick walls and vintage style signs on the wall. It’s the perfect combination of old and new, of comfortable and stylish.


I can imagine it would be the perfect place to while away a rainy afternoon too as the atmosphere feels a bit like being in your friend’s living room plus they’ve got a great selection of board games to keep you entertained for hours on end.


One other reason why this pub might feel so cosy and comfortable is that it’s a bit out of they way, hence retaining that lovely neighbourhood feel. It’s about a 10-15 minute walk from Belsize Park, Kentish Town and Hampstead Heath stations, so getting there is not that difficult at all, no matter which line you’re on. It’s also very much worth the short trip. I know I haven’t even gotten to the food part yet, but – spoiler alert – it was really good! That, combined with the cosy feel and great service, makes this pub a place well worth travelling to.


As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, my lunch consisted of colourful quinoa with broccoli and asparagus with a side of a tomato & rocket salad. Despite the simple ingredients, the dish was delicious because it was seasoned really well and so was very tasty and healthy at the same time – win win!


All of my friends opted for different versions of the Sunday roast and they all gave rave reviews too. The Sunday roasts were big and hearty, and for the price of £14-16.50 per roast, they were pretty good value too. When I’m finished with this diet and have my next “cheat day” I’m definitely going back and trying the Veggie Wellington – it looked so good!


The Gipsy Queen 166 Malden Rd, London NW5 4BS

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