Snippets of the week: Wisteria hunting in Kentish Town and East Dulwich

All of these pictures are from last week’s bank holiday weekend as, to my disappointment, I didn’t manage go out and take any pictures during the weekday evenings this week. In an ideal world I’d go photographing every day after work, but in the actual world I seem to have dinners to make, yoga to practice and TV shows to binge watch (very important)…


Also, due to the Low FODMAP trial that I’m on at the moment because of my (possible) IBS, it’s almost impossible to eat out, which means that I either have to make a packed dinner for after work if I want to go somewhere or just deal with the hunger. I generally just choose coming home and cooking, which is the the boring option but also feels more practical! When the lighter evenings started I really thought I would be better at taking advantage of them, but I guess life just gets in the way! I’m going to try and be a little bit better and organized with this as I know I will regret it if I don’t when the darker evenings roll back in.


Anyway! I had a few quite nice Spring-y (if a bit windy) walks last weekend, and was mainly concentrating on taking pictures of all things floral, mostly wisterias because, well, Instagram… One of the places I ventured to was East Dulwich, which apparently is a 25 minute walk from our house which I never knew. Goes to show that you really need look into your neighbourhood a bit more – you might find some gems!


I love Dulwich. It’s so cute, and has this really local, village-y vibe. They have a lot of chain stores and restaurants there, but for each chain I feel like there’s an independent retailer as well. My favourites were all of the pubs – they looked so cute and cosy and perfect for those hearty Sunday roasts. I can’t wait to try them out!


What did you get up to during the week?


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