Sunday snippets: Greenery in Peckham and Barnes

Happy Sunny Sunday!

It’s been such a weird week weather wise, hasn’t it? Yesterday it felt like we experienced at least 3 out of 4 seasons in one hour..! I try not to complain though – lately I’ve noticed how lovely and green London has become, and if we don’t get these bouts of rain, we can’t have the nice greenery and colourful plants either. So here’s to Mother Nature – I’m sure you know what you’re doing!

This week I’ve been a bit better at going out with my camera too which is always a small win. Last Sunday me and my boyfriend headed to explore Peckham, which is, despite being very close to where we live, a place we’d never really been to. We enjoyed lovely ice cream from Ruby’s pastel coloured ice-cream parlour and found a lot of new spots we said we’d go back for – especially the pub John the Unicorn (what a name, eh?) seemed really cool and somewhere I’d love to spend an evening in soon!

I also visited a few very green pub gardens – one in Angel and one in Barnes (such a lovely little area, by the way – like a little village!), which just made me super excited for summer – I can’t wait to visit even more! What’s your favourite one? I love discovering new places!

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