What I Eat in a Day: Low FODMAP

Because I started the elimination phase of a diet called the low FODMAP two weeks ago I thought it would be interesting to share what I actually CAN eat whilst on the strictest phase of the diet. For those who might not have heard of the low FODMAP (I know I hadn’t before!), it’s not a diet to lose weight – I don’t believe in those! – but a one to (hopefully) help with my stomach pains.


Low FODMAP is often used as the first thing to “treat” people with IBS and for the first four weeks you eliminate anything containing the FODMAP-sugars from your diet. If you feel better after the elimination phase, you’ll start re-introducing the “forbidden” foods back into your diet one by one, seeing if any of them trigger the pains.


Honestly, it’s not a miracle cure, but I think it has helped me a bit, and that’s something at least! I’m keeping a food & symptom diary whilst doing this, and I will continue throughout and after the re-introducing phase too, just to see what effect it really has. Fingers crossed I see some results!


Even if this whole FODMAP malarkey isn’t relevant to you, I hope you’ll still enjoy this little sneak peek into my life via food. This was a bank holiday Monday, and whilst I’d usually be eating out, this time most of the things I had were home cooked because eating in restaurants is very frustrating at the moment. If nothing else, I’ve definitely had to get more creative lately which can only be a good thing!


Let’s start with…





This breakfast isn’t THAT different from my normal one – instead of rye bread I’ve got gluten free toast here with red peppers, tomatoes and cheddar cheese. I enjoyed it with a biiig cup of peppermint tea & an episode of Call the Midwife (I’m so obsessed!). If I’m super hungry I’ll also have a bowl yogurt with different berries and nuts – it’s so lovely and sweet and almost works as a dessert!





My friend Sandra recently inspired me to stop using canned tomatoes (although I still get them for when I’ve run out of everything else & payday seems miles away..!) and start making my tomato sauce from scratch instead. I’m so glad I listened as it’s SO easy and also very quick to make. This one had red peppers & courgettes as well and was very, very yummy. Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing the recipe!





It was bank holiday so I had to sneak something a bit cheeky into the mix too… I was craving sorbet, so we googled our nearest ice cream parlour and headed to East Dulwich in search of the perfect scoop of gelato and found it in Oddono’s. I had their strawberry sorbet which tasted super fresh and sweet – the flavour of the strawberries really came through and didn’t feel artificial at all. Success!





As we had had an early lunch at 11 and the sorbet scoop was quite small, I was already getting hungry for dinner at 3pm. I thought that was sliiightly too early, so I decided to prepare a something tasty for a snack instead. We had made nacho platters the night before, and I still had some plain tortilla chips left (aka my favourite things ever) so I made a little homemade salsa to accompany them – it was so good! I also decided to have a few rice cakes with slices of cucumber because why not?! It was bank holiday after all! I was so happy with the outcome and will definitely be attempting to make my own salsas in the future too!





Finally it was time for dinner! I had seen a recipe for a Thai Green Curry that was low on FODMAPs so I decided to attempt that as all I needed to do differently was to make my own paste. This seemed a bit daunting at first, but after looking at the ingredient list I realised that they were all pretty easily attainable, so I decided to give it a go – and I’m so glad I did! This was honestly one of the best curries I’ve ever made, and I felt so proud because this time I has made everything from scratch.


Making the paste didn’t take long at all, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s used to using store bought ones! Also, the recipe was originally for a chicken curry, but as I’m a vegetarian I just modified it a bit by throwing in some of my favourite veggies such as broccoli, bell peppers and green beans until I was satisfied that there was enough food. You can really get super creative with this and just try it out with all the veggies/meat that you like the most. Enjoy!


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