Peruvian little plates in Chicama, Chelsea

I first heard of Chicama in Chelsea when I saw a review of them on Time Out Magazine and immediately wanted to visit. I added it to my long list of places I wanted to go to (read: eat in), but as time passed the restaurant got lost in the ever growing list and I forgot about it. A few months ago, however, I started seeing a lot of pictures of them on social media and in the end it was the colourful decor (of course it was!) that finally drew me in.

We visited at lunch time on a bank holiday Monday, which turned out to be a surprisingly quiet time to go. We had booked a table (recommended, especially if you plan on going there for dinner!) but as it was not too crowded, we got to choose from a few options which was very nice. We went with one near a window for natural light and people watching, and started the long process of trying to decide what to order…

Flowers at Chicama in Chelsea
Menu of Chicama in Chelsea

The idea is to order 2-3 dishes each and share, so it’s kind of like Peruvian tapas. I would note that it’s not very cheap, especially if you’re a meat eater, as some of the individual small dishes can come up to over £10 each. I stuck with their veggie dishes, and with a cocktail my total bill came up to about £30, which is okay as it includes the drink, but if you think of getting some of the seafood or meaty dishes, be prepared to pay a bit more.

We ordered padron peppers to share (I might have had most of these…) and I also went with tapioca marshmallows (interesting yet enjoyable!) and crispy miso aubergines (these were my favourites!). Me and my boyfriend also shared a side of sweet potato which was the one disappointment of the day – it wasn’t as soft and mushy I’d had hoped for, and could’ve done with a sauce.

Cocktails in Chicama in Chelsea
Food in Chicama in Chelsea
Tapioca Marshmallows in Chicama
Food in Chicama in Chelsea

I haven’t mentioned the decor yet, have I? Well, it was pretty much everything I had hoped for and more. The tables were beautiful light wood, the floors were covered in pink tiles and the crockery were all different pastel colours. With the food being very nicely presented as well, the whole experience was pretty amazing visually. I also loved the look of the marble bar stand with its blush pink coloured chairs – it would be a great place for a few cocktails and some nibbles!

The service was quite slow (though very friendly!), but as we were leaving the restaurant we passed the manager who was super nice and apologised for the delays and explained that they were short on staff that day. That left a much better taste in my mouth (pun intended) and I will definitely be coming back now! Next time for dinner and a few more of those pink cocktails…

Decor in Chicama Chelsea
Decor in Chicama Chelsea

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