London streets: Coldharbour Lane, Brixton

My guide to Coldharbour Lane in Brixton

Coldharbour Lane is one of my favourite foodie streets in London and I am very lucky to live so close to it. The street runs from Central Brixton all the way to Denmark Hill, although on this post I will mostly talk about the Brixton end of the street as it becomes more and more residential the further you walk.


Coldharbour Lane also works as the entrance to both Brixton Village Row & Brixton Market, which I have already written about here. It’s a street full of restaurants, bars and independent shops, as well as lots of take away shops, and, surprisingly, quite a few hairdressers too! I will mostly be concentrating on the food & drink side (of course…) but I will leave a few recommendations for shopping at the end too if you want a bit of a break from all the eating and drinking!



My favourite (and most frequented) restaurant in Coldharbour Lane is probably The Rum Kitchen because they make one of my favourite dishes ever – the rainbow salad. It’s so tasty, and in fact would be perfect for hot summer days like we’ve had this week. They also do great cocktails (happy hours from 6 – 7!) and their veggie burger’s one of the best I’ve tried too. Make sure to ask them to bring you all their sauces too – they are so good! My favourite is the aioli one, so definitely try that one at least.


My other favourite is a Pan-Asian restaurant called Satay Bar, right next to the Rum Kitchen at the beginning of Coldharbour Lane. Satay Bar specialises in the cuisines of Singapore and Malaysia, and their dishes are delicious. I especially love the Thai Green Curry – it’s super flavourful and the portion is the perfect size too.


Other amazing restaurants on Coldharbour Lane are Mamma Dough for amazing sourdough pizza (they also do vegan and gluten free options!), 384 for lovely little plates and cocktails and Nanban for Japanese soul food by a Master Chef winner Tim Anderson.


For dessert, head to Ms Cupcake in number 408. It’s a 100 % vegan bakery, and, as the name suggests, they do the most amazing cupcakes! Definitely recommended for anyone with a bit of a sweet tooth.

Food at Rum Kitchen Brixton


The rainbow salad from Rum Kitchen – seriously tasty!


Pizza at Mamma Dough Brixton


Sourdough pizza from Mamma Dough.


My guide to Coldharbour Lane in Brixton



Coldharbour Lane is great for nightlife, too. Whether it’s having dinner and cocktails in one of the places I mentioned above or really going out-out, there’s something for everyone. If you prefer the latter, the POW (short for Prince of Wales) in the corner of Brixton Road and Coldharbour Lane might be the one for you. They host club nights with varying themes, and in the summer they also have a rooftop terrace serving food with various DJ:s and artists.


Right across the road from the POW you can find another, albeit slightly smaller, rooftop called Upstairs at the Ritzy, which is, literally, the upstairs bit of the beautiful Picturehouse cinema Ritzy, a Brixton institution in its own right. This place is perfect for people watching as it’s a bit lower than the POW terrace, plus they host a variety of events too, such as yoga, gigs and DJ nights.


Pub wise you’ve got a nice amount of choice too. You’ve got the Market House that acts as a pub during the day (they have ever changing food menus from local restaurants) and a little bar/club during the night. During the summer they also have an amazing drink deal called the Mojito Madness which means throughout the warmer months you will be able to get a mojito (I think they also have the same deal for margaritas!) for a mere £3.50. It’s amazing and I’ve already tried all the flavours…


Another pub worth visiting is the legendary Dogstar just a bit further along the road from the Market House, in the corner of Coldharbour Lane and Atlantic Road. The Dogstar serves pizza and drinks all through the day and also hosts a variety of DJ:s pretty late into the night on weekends.


If you don’t mind taking the bus for a few stops (or walking 20 minutes!), another place worth visiting would be the lovely jazz pub The Junction at the Loughborough Junction end of the street. This is the closest I have to a local, and I absolutely adore it. They have live music every night of the week, and it’s always free to get in. They’ve also started doing brunch recently, with unlimited Bucks Fizz and a fry up costing you only £20 – I can’t wait to try it out!


My guide to Coldharbour Lane in Brixton


Shopping in Coldharbour Lane Brixton




Coldharbour Lane has a wonderful variety of independent shops, with my favourite being  Turpentine with its colourful selection of gifts, prints (they have the most beautiful hand drawn map of London which I’m seriously lusting over!) and jewellery.


Other great little shops are Omnis for handmade design pieces and vintage clothes, Diverse for, well, a diverse selection of unique gifts and art and Sugar + Style for a well curated selection of clothes and accessories.


Check out my Brixton Guide for more fun places Brixton – I’m so passionate about my local area and I hope it shows!