3 summery things to do in London this weekend

Lake Serpentine Hyde Park


Summer is by far my favourite season, and London by far one of my favourite summer cities, coming second only to Helsinki and Brighton. And, as I’ve seen so many amazingly summery events popping up in the capital recently, I thought it would be nice to share – I would’ve felt guilty keeping all of this to myself!


Disclaimer: I realised only after I had compiled this list that everything here is pretty much food related… But can you really blame me?! Next to being a great summer city, London is also a pretty top notch place when it comes to eating out (literally, in these cases) and it really shows when you look at all the events happening all around the city throughout the year, especially during the warmer months.


Now, let’s start with ice cream…

London in bloom

Gelato Festival

What could be more summery than eating as much ice cream as humanly possible? The guys at Gelato Fest had the right idea in bringing their festival about the Italian treat over to us in the UK, and you can go sample their treats this weekend in Old Spitalfields Market.


Gelato Fest brings all the skilled ‘gelato artisans’ to the same place (I was so tempted to write ‘to the yard’…), and with the price of a day ticket, you will be able to try all of their flavours and then vote for your favourite to win. You can also participate in games and courses in ‘Gelato Village’ – seriously, my inner child is just getting happier and happier the more I read about this event. Can I live in Gelato Village please?!


Gelato Fest – Old Spitalfields Market, 16-18th June



Things to do in the summer in London

Foley’s at John Lewis’ rooftop garden


The Fitzrovia based restaurant mixing Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine has risen up to new heights – literally. They’ve got a guest spot in the rooftop of the John Lewis department store in Oxford Circus, serving a special summer menu including tacos, seafood and even one vegan option!


It’s my strong opinion that there are no better ways to spend a summer evening than a) going to a beer garden or b) drinking ice cold rosé in a rooftop, ideally at sunset. Hence, I am very excited about this place as it combines my love for both rooftops and eating – count me in!


Foley’s at John Lewis Gardening Society, 13th June – 31st July


Things to do in London in the summer

StrEAT Life Alexandra Palace


Speaking of eating… Street food has been all the rage in London for the past few years, with its popularity only growing, and I for one am not complaining one bit. I love going to street food markets and wandering around, trying a bit of everything and discovering new favourites along the way.


If you’ve ever been to Alexandra Palace before, you’ll know that the views are absolutely breathtaking, and in my opinion, one of the best you’ll find in London. But, even if you’re not big on looking at views, there’s plenty of other reasons to visit StrEAT Life too (aside from all the food, of course), such as live music and an abundance of craft beer traders. See you there?!


StrEAT Life in Alexandra Palace, 17-18 June, 22-23 July and 19-20 August



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