Mexican street food at Cielo Blanco, Clerkenwell

Mexican street food in Cielo Blanco Clerkenwell


Cielo Blanco is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit ever since I spotted it when photographing my Exmouth Market post. I fell in love with its colourful exterior and, of course, its menu, from where I wanted to order pretty much everything…


Luckily, most of my nearest and dearest share my love for Mexican food, so last Saturday me and my friend Mary headed to Cielo Blanco for dinner to celebrate both of our birthdays – hers already passed and mine still on its way. We were lucky to get a really nice and sunny weather so we asked to be seated right next to the massive open window for that al fresco feeling. It was such a perfect spot as you were still under a roof in case a rain storm decided to pay a visit, but you also had that feel to it like you were dining straight under the stars (or, you know, a couple clouds as this is England after all). So lovely!


Drinks menu in Cielo Blanco
Cocktails in Cielo Blanco
Watermelon and pear margarita Cielo Blanco


I of course started my meal with a cocktail – it was a birthday celebration after all! I find it really difficult to resist margaritas, and so I absolutely loved how many different variations they had in Cielo Blanco. I went with the watermelon and pear one which was super refreshing and came with a little slice of watermelon on the side too!


Mexican street food in Cielo Blanco Clerkenwell
Mexican street food in Cielo Blanco Clerkenwell
Mexican street food in Cielo Blanco Clerkenwell


Like I mentioned earlier, the menu looked so amazing that I wanted to order everything, so deciding what to actually have turned out to be a pretty demanding task. In the end we decided on having the “street food experience” where you could choose six different dishes from the street food menu, and pay £13.50 per person. My friend Mary went with baby-back ribs, pork and chorizo meatballs and an Oaxacan beef mole, whereas I chose the black bean tostadas, grilled sweetcorn with feta and chilli sauce and cheese stuffed jalapeños. So. Much. Lovely. Food!


As a vegetarian and a meat eater respectively, we couldn’t share all the dishes with each other (with half of them being meat-based), but if you’re going with someone with a similar diet to yours, sharing everything might be a great idea as it’s a pretty amazing opportunity to try out even more dishes!


Cielo Blanco also have specific sharing boards designed by the restaurant which is something I’d like to try next time if I can drag someone else with me! Which I imagine won’t be too hard after I show them these pictures – doesn’t the food look so good? Just by visiting once, Cielo Blanco has already climbed to the top of my favourite restaurants list – I loved everything I tried so much, which can often be difficult task to achieve. Hopefully I’ll get to go back very soon..!


Corn on the cob Cielo Blanco


The Mexico City grilled corn with chipotle mayo, feta and chilli powder. I think this was my ultimate favourite!


Stuffed jalapenos Cielo Blanco


Cheese stuffed jalapeños… SO. GOOD.


Black bean tostadas Cielo Blanco


Black bean tostadas with fresh tomato & avocado. These were super fresh and crunchy, and the perfect combination with the cheesy jalapeños.


Mexican street food in Cielo Blanco Clerkenwell
Mexican street food in Cielo Blanco Clerkenwell


Cielo Blanco, 55-57 Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 4QL

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