Brunch at The Petite Coree, West Hampstead


A few weekends ago me and my boyfriend headed for brunch with our friend, a West Hampstead local, to a spot she had recommended to us many times. The restaurant was The Petit Coree, and its menu combines Korean and European cuisine by serving dishes such as a kimchi arancini and eggs benedict with a miso hollandaise sauce.


The Petit Coree has that lovely neighbourhood feel – the service is really warm and attentive, and you can tell that there’s a lot of regulars too as the staff seemed to greet and recognise quite a few locals during our visit. It’s always nice to be a part of this kind of atmosphere – from the attentiveness of the staff to the tasty food (which I will get to in a second!), we had such a lovely time and were really made to feel like home.



When the time to order came, I went for the freshly squeezed orange juice (definitely a staple for a good brunch!) that, of course, came served in a jar (personally I’m still not tired of this trend – it’s so cute!). For food I ordered the avocado on grilled sourdough bread with poached eggs, chilli and some kind of sweet drizzle that I couldn’t quite place – and oh my, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much avocado in my life! The slice of bread was topped with an entire half of an avocado, with the other half neatly planted next to the bread. Perfect for avocado lovers, although I personally couldn’t finish all of it..!


As a side, I ordered a heritage tomato salad with parmesan and sweet vinaigrette sauce and it was SO good. The sauce made everything so tasty, and the combination of the salad with the avocado on toast worked really well too.





The Petit Coree doesn’t only do brunch if that’s not your thing – they are open throughout the day for lunch and dinner too. These menus follow the same time pattern as the brunch menu by serving fusion dishes inspired by Korean and modern European cooking – I personally can’t wait to try their version of gnocchi (served with miso and edamame beans) out!


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