One day in Windsor & Eton

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As I briefly mentioned in my last post, I spent a day in Windsor and Eton with my family last Saturday. With just under an hour from London, Windsor is a great place to visit for a daytrip (especially if you happen to live in South London as trains go from Waterloo & Vauxhall!), or even a long weekend due to the direct bus from Heathrow Airport. You’ve definitely got enough to explore here to keep yourself busy for a few days – there’s the famous Windsor Castle (aka the Queen’s summer residence – lucky her!), the beautiful riverside and lots and lots of little shops and pubs. It feels very quaint and old time-y and I absolutely loved it.


Eton and Windsor are separated by the Thames so it’s very easy to explore them separately without getting confused which is which. We started by strolling along the Eton high street and spotted so many cute little pubs as well as, of course, the (in)famous boys school that educated both ex-prime minister David Cameron and Princes Harry and William. Yes, it is very posh around here!

guide to eton guide to eton


On the Eton side we mostly strolled around aimlessly, taking in the cute houses and little streets, and afterwards had a drink in one of the many local pubs (it was a tough choice – they all looked so cosy!). We chose the Henry VI on the high street and nestled ourselves into its back garden. It was only about 2pm, so it was still really peaceful which was a nice little escape. And, even though it was still quite early, the pub already had live music too – a young man playing guitar and singing old classics which definitely added to the lovely atmosphere even more!


After we left the pub it was time to cross over to the Windsor side for a bit more exploring. We had heard there was a local brewery somewhere close to us, so we decided to head there via the scenic route (=the riverside) with ALL the swans and other birds keeping us company. Maybe don’t go through here if you’re a bird-phobic!


guide to windsor guide to windsorguide to windsor


After walking by the riverside for about 15 minutes we found ourselves at the brewery, and I would heartily recommend it – it was quite tiny but still such a lovely experience. If you arrive at the right time (you can find a schedule on their website) you can also get a tour of the brewery, which sounds really interesting – maybe next time! We settled on trying out the beer and cider from their extensive collection and it was so much better than a lot of the big brands you usually find in chain pubs. I love supporting independent businesses, so visiting places like this is always a joy.


guide to windsor


After the brewery it was time for dinner (pizza… again!) and for me to head back to London. Even though I stayed in Windsor for about 8 hours, I still didn’t have a chance to see nearly as much as I wanted to, so I think a trip back will be in order soon… I think a staycation might be a pretty great idea!


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