Helsinki photo diary: Ice cream, seaviews and colourful houses


Greetings from Helsinki! I haven’t done one of these snippets posts for a while, but I thought these random photos from Helsinki deserved their own, if slightly incoherent, post.


Even though I got up to quite a lot, I don’t have that many pictures as mostly I just saw my friends and family and didn’t want to be the person more focused on taking pictures of their food than catching up with the people I hadn’t seen in months. That said, I’m sure they wouldn’t have minded at all – it’s one of those things that’s probably mostly all in my head!


I did, however, manage to take some summery pictures on my walks in central Helsinki in between seeing people, and these are the ones I wanted to share with you. I also went for ice cream with my dad and my two siblings to the most beautiful park by the sea and luckily managed to snap a few shots there too.


Please forgive me that this post is slightly random – try to think of it more like a photo diary of the few free moments from my time in Helsinki. I really love my hometown in the summer when it properly comes to life – I hope I managed to capture that feeling somewhat!



Ahh, to be a cat!



Huvilakatu, Central Helsinki



An ice cream break by the seaside with my siblings



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