Levantine cuisine at Ceru, South Kensington

Review of Ceru South Kensington


We all know that Sundays are basically made for brunching, right? Well, I’ve got a gem of a recommendation for you if you want to head somewhere this weekend!


Ceru is a colourful restaurant in South Kensington serving Levantine cuisine from weekend brunches to small plates made for sharing. Their menu is very varied, and it’s also very helpfully divided into vegetarian and meat sections respectively, as well as allergens being very clearly marked, which is always a plus for me! I’m sure some of the dishes can also be easily made vegan – the staff was so friendly and attentive that I think they would be more than happy to assist with any questions about diet or allergies.


Review of Ceru South Kensington Homemade lemonade in Ceru South Kensington Crudites in Ceru South Kensington Brunch Ceru South Kensington


We originally chose this place for our Sunday lunch spot because the shakshuka (one of the lovely brunch items – see picture above!) looked so good on their website, and most of us ended up actually ordering it on the day too (verdict: definitely worth it – we were all trying to decipher what ingredients were used so we could duplicate it at home!).


I was really tempted by the shakshuka too, but in the end wanted to try something a little bit different (also, I knew I could try a bit of it from my boyfriends plate so really I was just trying to get the best of both worlds…).


In the end I went for three different small plates from the vegetarian section:


Zucchini fritters Ceru South Kensington


Zucchini & Feta Fritters with a mint and dill yogurt


Halloumi Ceru South Kensington


Grilled halloumi & red peppers with a harissa dressing – the perfect combination!


Corn on the cob Ceru South Kensington


Corn on the cob with chilli salt, mint and lemon


Like I mentioned earlier, the staff here was super friendly and attentive – the service was fast, and our waiters were more than happy to advice on what to order and give their own recommendations. We were especially won over when they  recommended their homemade lemonade – it sounded so good that we all ended up ordering some! Ours was spiced with ginger, herbs and apple, but they also had a watermelon flavour, which sounds especially good for those hot summer days that I’m sure will still come back before we get into Autumn (fingers crossed, anyway…)!


I didn’t get that many pictures of the decor because I had taken the wrong lense with me (photography woes…) and it was a bit too dark, but you can check some photos out on their website if you’d like to see a bit more! I personally loved it – there was a big use of colour, with the toilet basically covered in beautiful tiles from head to toe, and you could see such a great attention to detail and vibrancy in the rest of the restaurant too.


From great food and atmosphere to beautiful surroundings, I would definitely recommend Ceru for all sorts of different occasions – especially dinner or brunch dates with friends. South Kensington also offers a lot to do if you if you fancy having a stroll around the area after eating – Ceru is especially close to all the big museums such as the V & A and the Natural History Museum, so why not make a day out of it?


Ceru, South Kensington – 7-9 Bute St, Kensington, London SW7 3EY


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