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So apparently it’s National Burger Day tomorrow – hands up who knew? It seems like there’s a ‘national day’ for pretty much everything nowadays, so I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised that there’s one for the mighty burger too. I’m not quite sure what it means in practice, but I imagine it’s just a nifty marketing trick to get people to buy more burgers and spend a bit more money. Well, kids, it works.


I headed to one of my favourite burger joints, Honest Burgers, on Sunday in preparation for this great holiday. I chose Honest Burgers because a) it’s very affordable and my payday is approaching a bit too slowly, and b) because their veggie burger is very, very good and their fries are probably the best I’ve ever tasted. The last reason especially is enough to make me want to shout out about this place to the whole world – they are seriously that good. Not that Honest Burgers need a lot of help from me – they currently have 22 branches and are rapidly growing. Pretty good for a firm that started (very) small in a little space in Brixton Market only six years ago.



Blogger review Honest Burgers Blogger review Honest Burgers Blogger review Honest Burgers Blogger review Honest Burgers Blogger review Honest BurgersBlogger review Honest Burgers


Honest Burgers only have one vegetarian option (no burgers for vegans, unfortunately, although their chips are vegan) and although it’s definitely a very good option, I think this is the one aspect they could get better at. I know it’s not a veggie restaurant, but it’s so easy to make tasty and meatless burgers these day so it’s a bit sad that here only 1 out of 7 is meat free. This is my one complaint and the rest of my experience is (and always has been in previous visits too) very positive.


The burger I had was a vegetable fritter which consists of cauliflower, tomato, sweetcorn, shallots and spices and is topped with a tasty and cooling coriander and cucumber yogurt sauce. I’ve always had this with the chilli mayo (£1 extra) which just takes it to extra heights, but I learned last time that the mayo is actually not vegetarian (it’s made with chicken stock) which is a big shame as I really loved it. In fact, according to their website, neither the hot sauce or the curry sauce are vegetarian either.


Blogger review Honest Burgers: Menu Blogger review Honest Burgers: drinks Blogger review Honest Burgers: drinks Blogger review Honest Burgers: cocktails


The veggie fritter burger costs a total of £7.95, including the rosemary fries. And guys, I know I’m supposed to be speaking of burger here (which is very tasty too, FYI), but these fries are SO. GOOD. They are perfectly salted and amazingly crispy, and yet still lovely and soft inside. I sometimes just think about them when I’m really hungry (which is most of the time) and they always meet my expectations when I finally have them again (this is probably starting to sound more like a long lost love affair rather than a food review, but oh well…). These chips are my desert island food.


As mentioned above, Honest Burgers have 22 locations across London, with the Brixton and Soho restaurants being the oldest ones. I visited the Borough location which is one of their bigger restaurants, and loved the decor and the service a lot. We were first going to be seated downstairs, but after I asked to get a table upstairs (with natural light, of course) they managed to secure that for us within minutes too. I was very impressed with the efficient and very lovely service we got, and would definitely return here on another occasion too. It doesn’t hurt that it’s only about 25 minutes door to door from our flat too!


Blogger review Honest Burgers: Vegetarian Blogger review Honest Burgers: Vegetarian Blogger review Honest Burgers: Vegetarian


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