Vegan burgers and (n)ice cream in Shoreditch

vegan burgers in shoreditch


Last Friday after work I headed to Shoreditch to have a bit of a vegan feast with my friend – we started with tasty burgers from Mooshie’s and ended the day in a new pop up ice cream parlour NANABAR which specialises in fully vegan ice cream made from frozen bananas – yum!


As I really enjoyed both the burger and the ice cream, I wanted to share both of these little gems with you. Even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian, I’d really recommend giving these a try as I honestly think you might be positively surprised!


Mooshie’s Vegan burgers, Brick Lane


vegan burgers in shoreditch

vegan burgers in shoreditch

vegan burgers in shoreditch

vegan burgers in shoreditch


Mooshie’s is located at number 104 Brick Lane and its focus is on making great burgers that won’t make you miss the meaty stuff at all. They have four options: a “beefy” one, a pulled “pork” one, a fishy one and an onion bhaji one. The point is to show you that you can still have your favourite type of burger without there having to be any meat or animal products in it at all.


This was my third time in Mooshie’s, and so far I’ve tried two of the four options: the beef one (seasoning & taste-wise very similar to a normal burger, if not in texture) and the BBQ pulled “pork” one which is my favourite of the two. I went for the latter again on Friday (I couldn’t resist it – I swear I’ll try the other flavours one day too!) and it is still just so good.


The pulled pork effect is made by using jackfruit which basically creates pretty much exactly the same texture you could find in the “real” deal. The BBQ sauce is really tasty and sweet too and the buns soft and fluffy, which all together make the burger a success. Mooshie’s also have a little shelf full of different condiments you can add to your burger, so I drizzled a bit of Sriracha on mine which just took it to another level and added the perfect kick to it.


The burgers don’t come with any sides, but you’ve got a few options to choose from if you want to have something extra on the side. They don’t do normal fries, only sweet potato ones, which is my one complaint as I love regular chips so much. Luckily the sweet potato ones were pretty good too (especially when smothered in Sriracha and BBQ sauce…) and if you want, you can also have them as a cheesy version.


(N)ice cream in Nanabar, Shoreditch


vegan ice cream in shoreditch

vegan ice cream in shoreditch


After you’ve finished your burger you’re probably craving something a little bit sweeter, right? Everyone knows there’s a separate stomach for dessert anyway…


Nanabar is a pop up located in Charlotte Road in Shoreditch, which is only about a 10 minute stroll away from Mooshie’s. They serve ice cream (or, nice cream) made from frozen bananas (hence the name!) and there’s always just one flavour on offer per day. We were lucky enough to go when the flavour was peanut butter cup (yum!) where the toppings included bits of dark chocolate, salted peanuts and popcorn.


The ice cream was really nice, with the texture being just like regular ice cream, and the toppings were really complimentary and well thought out too. The only thing I would say is that as the ice cream is made out of bananas, it of course also has very distinctive banana-y taste, so if you’re not a fan of this fruit, maybe think twice (although if you have a lot of toppings they do disguise the original taste somewhat!).


The ice cream is also £6 per portion which I found to be pretty over the top – you do get a big-ish portion, but I wouldn’t say it’s worth that much money. But I do like supporting independent brands like this, and if it’s going to help them open up a permanent store, maybe it’s worth it in the end!


Have you tried either of these restaurants? If you have, what did you think?





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