Rooftop drinks & city views in Verona

Verona viewing platform views


Climbing up to Castel san Pietro


Even though Verona was our main base for our travels for five nights, we only really spent two full days there as the rest were spent exploring other nearby cities such as Venice and Sirmione. On our second full day in Verona we decided to climb up a lot of stairs up to Castel san Pietro, a beautiful castle we had spotted from down below. We also really wanted to see Verona from high up from the castle’s viewing platform, so up we went.


It turned out you can’t actually visit the castle, but I would still very much recommend walking up as the views are amazing. You can find the stairs from behind the Roman Theatre by the river, and even though there are quite a few of them, it’s absolutely worth making it all the way to the top. If I could make it up with my complete lack of exercise, so can you! The views will make up for the trouble – I promise.



Stairs to Verona viewing platform Stairs to Castel san Pietro Verona city views Looking at Verona city views Views from Castel san Pietro Views above Verona


Rooftop drinks overlooking Verona


After taking approximately one million pictures of the views from all angles, we headed for a drink to the rooftop bar called Re Teodorico with even more amazing views. This was the most expensive place we visited, but even still it was probably cheaper than the average London bar. We visited pretty early, so it was still quite quiet, which meant we managed to grab a table with a pretty amazing view – yes!


Re Teodorico has a pretty wide variety of drinks (and about four different spritzes!), but they also serve food and snacks if you’re feeling a bit peckish. We weren’t quite hungry at this point yet so just opted for drinks, but the menu did look pretty good – even if it was a bit more expensive than the rest on the ground level. In comparison, my Aperol Spritz cost me 5€ instead of the 3.50€ I was used to, so not a big difference at all. As in other places in Italy we visited, here too we got served a few snacks with our spritzes (I love this!) – this time it was crisps and little savoury biscuits.



Rooftop bar Verona Aperol Spritz Verona Rooftop bar Verona Stairs to Castel san Pietro Verona colorful architecture


In our two days in Verona, climbing up to the viewing platform was probably one of my favourite things we did. I love a good view, and seeing a new city from high up is always a fun experience – it kind of puts everything in perspective. In a colourful city such a Verona the experience was especially memorable, so I would 100 % recommend climbing up here if you find yourself this beautiful city!





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