Four things I love about Brighton

brighton pier sunset


1. It’s like a mini London, only with the sea


The first thing I always say to people who’ve never been to Brighton is that it’s kind of like a mini London, except with fresher air and the sea. You’re never going to run out of things to do, the city is very diverse and has endless opportunities for eating out. Like London, Brighton has an active music and art scene with lots of gigs throughout the week as well as theatre performances and even musicals to enjoy.


2. Vintage shopping


Brighton is amazing for vintage and second hand shopping. The lanes especially are full of different shops, and when I went in the summer, I actually found a pair of red Converse in a very good condition for only £30! Good shops include Beyond Retro and To Be Worn Again (where I found my converse!) among many others.


Aside from actual vintage shops, there’s also a few very good vintage inspired shops that are not actually second hand but look the part. My favourite out of these is Collectif which does AMAZING 40s and 50s inspired dresses and other clothes. I’ve got one of their dresses and I love it more than almost any of my other clothes.


3. Sustainability & greenness


Brighton is the only city with an (elected) MP from a Green Party (Caroline Lucas), and it really shows. The city is full of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, the above mentioned second hand shops and they even have the UK’s first zero waste restaurant Silo.


The Brighton Lanes are an especially good place to explore the green options. My favourite places to visit are Vegetarian Shoes for, you guessed it, vegetarian “leather” shoes and other goods and Eden Perfumes for cruelty free perfumes free from all the nasties.


4. All the amazing eateries


I already touched on all the vegan and vegetarian cafes Brighton has, but there is so much choice for any type of diet. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Brighton three times this year, which means I’ve found a few personal favourites already. I’ve also got a list the size of my arm of the places I’d still love to visit but haven’t had time yet – there really is so much choice!


My current favourites are OShio for amazing Korean and Japanese food (try the bibimbaps and veggie tempura!), La Choza for colourful decor and tasty Mexican grub and VIP for authentic Neapolitan pizza.


brighton beach sunset

brighton beach sunset




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