London pubs: The Commercial Tavern 

pizza in london pub commercial tavern


I’ve wanted to go to the East London pub Commercial Tavern as long as I can remember. A picture of its interior was one of the first I ever saved on Instagram because I just thought it was so pretty. Well, last weekend, kind of by accident, I finally made it!


Me and my friend Tytti were looking for a cosy pub to have Sunday roast in, but for some reason all of the ones we came across were either closed or didn’t serve food. We were already almost ready to give up when we stumbled onto Commercial Tavern. They didn’t serve roasts, only pizza, but by that time we were so hungry (and I so happy that I’d finally stumbled onto this place!) that we decided to stay.


The Commercial Tavern isn’t a big pub by any stretch, but it feels spacious due to its high ceilings, big windows and open doors. The walls (and tables) are slightly worn out dark wood (in a trendy way, of course) with different types of floral wallpaper adorning them. One wall is also fully covered in colourful vintage magazine covers. So far, so quirky. Somehow it doesn’t feel too much though – there’s a big use of wood in the doors and tables which balance the extravagant (but beautiful!) chandeliers out.


commercial tavern london pub commercial tavern london pub interior commercial tavern london interior


The pizza didn’t disappoint either – in fact, it’s one of the best I’ve had in a while, and it’s cheap too. The cheapest one (Margherita) only sets you back £6 and the most expensive £9. You can also add extra toppings to your pizza for a £1-1.50 surcharge.


Me and Tytti both opted for the Margherita – me with added chilli flakes and she with olives. Though I’m sure all of the pizzas here are amazing, I was really happy I went with the most basic option because this way all the gorgeous flavours of the tomato sauce were more easily distinguishable. That, and the base, were the stars of the show. The crusts were soft and pillowy, the base thin and perfectly crispy. I’m not a big fan of a chewy base so I was very, very happy with this.


commercial tavern london condiments

commercial tavern london pizza commercial tavern london pizza commercial tavern london decor commercial tavern london decor



All in all I can’t fault Commercial Tavern: the staff were lovely, the decor was right up my street and the food was simple and so, so tasty. We went around 1pm on a Sunday and there was lots of space so go and give them a visit if you’re in the area – you won’t regret it!


The Commercial Tavern, 142-144 Commercial Street, London, E1 6NU


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