Small pleasures | Week 2

Lazy Monday


As I mentioned in my previous (and first ever!) small pleasures post, I used one day of annual leave this Monday to make my weekend into a slightly longer one as my friend Emmi was visiting London. We spent the day shopping and catching up, as well as going for lunch to Wagamama (the shame – as a London blogger I should have really taken her somewhere more special… But we were so hungry!) and enjoyed a coffee and a fresh juice in the Pop Brixton market. When she left to go to the airport I watched two movies and made myself a portion of oven nachos, which, in my opinion, was just the perfect way to use an extra day off.

Going for runs


Me & Jim have started a running/walking program for beginners and are aiming to go for a run three times a week. While we are following the program quite loosely and doing it in our own pace, I’m so proud of myself for putting those running shoes on again and again after a long day at work or on a Sunday morning. As much as I would sometimes just want to curl up on the sofa with a bowl of pasta, so far I’ve managed to stay disciplined and we’ve been sticking to the program quite well. And you know what? After each run, I always feel so much better! Who would’ve known…

Blogging event


On Thursday I headed (slightly nervously, I might add!) to Islington for my first ever blogging/foodie event. I was lucky enough to be invited to try out a new tasting menu by the people behind the wonderful Italian pop up restaurant Morso London – an invitation I very gladly accepted. I didn’t know anyone there, but quickly made a few new friends and had a lovely evening trying out food and drinks and chatting away to my new acquaintances. I didn’t really know what to expect from the experience at all, but all in all I had such a great time and hopefully will see some of the people I met there again!


London exploring, vegan tacos & mini golf


Saturday was probably my favourite day of the week. It started off with me heading out for an overdue catch up with my friend Sandra in Blackheath, where we went for a little photowalk followed by lunch in my new favourite pub, The Princess of Wales. After lunch we walked all the way to Greenwich for amazing views over London (and also cake…) from where I continued my Saturday in East London in the form of amazing vegan tacos from Club Mexicana and mini golf. Surprisingly, I didn’t lose at the latter, and had so much fun – I would definitely go again soon!


That amazing sunset…


Did you see that most amazing sunset on Saturday evening? I haven’t seen anything like that in ages and was completely in awe. I tried to take a photo of it (see above!) that would do it justice, but even though it turned out alright, it was probably still about 50 times more gorgeous in real life. We happened to be travelling on the DLR when the sun was going down, and boy was that the most beautiful train ride I’ve had in a very long while!


What little things have you been loving this week?


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