Sunday brunch at Pedler, Peckham

pedler vegetarian brunch


I’ve got another great brunch spot for you, and this time we’re going south of the river to Peckham!


I live about a 35 minute walk away from Peckham, and so since moving to our current flat I’ve been trying to get to know it and other areas close by a bit better. Like its neighbour Brixton, Peckham is currently going through quite big changes when it comes to the kind of businesses that are opening up in the area.


Whilst I always want to support new independent businesses, I’m aware of the gentrification in the area and it bothers me that I’m not quite sure how to feel about these changes. On one hand I think it’s great that new, different businesses are opening up, but of course when that means that rents start going up and old businesses have to close due to these hikes, we have a problem. That said, I think the blame lies in society and the “guys in charge” – not the new small businesses themselves. As you can tell, I’m still not quite sure how to feel about this, so please help – I want to hear your thoughts!


The reason I brought this up is that the restaurant I’m about to talk about is also very much part of the new wave of businesses opening up in Peckham, attracting lots of young people and “millennials” (although there was no avo on toast to be seen!).


But let’s get to the actual review bit now, shall we?


pedler peckham menu pedler peckham decor pedlere peckham decor pedler peckham bar


Pedler is situated on Peckham Rye, right next to a little park and a few other competing brunch places and cafes. The decor is very trendy with an exposed brick wall, marble tables and mismatched chairs. There’s also a big booth towards the end of the restaurant with lots of space for a bigger party – I spotted someone celebrating their birthday there when I walked past, so I imagine you can book this for special occasions!


Pedler has four different food menus: brunch, dinner, Sunday lunch and one for the “in between” moments. We went with the brunch menu, although as we were there after 12, we could have also opted for the Sunday roast if we wanted to.


The brunch menu is very varied and covers everything from the classics such as full English and Eggs Benedict to something a bit different like jalapeño pancakes and breakfast burritos. That said, even though most of the classics are on the list, they are slightly altered to make them a bit more unique – for example, the eggs benedict comes with a side of kale.



pedler peckham brunch pedler peckham jalapeno pancakespedler vegetarian brunch


I went for the full veggie breakfast with fried eggs, halloumi and homemade baked beans amongst other things and my friend Ella chose the aforementioned jalapeño pancakes. Unfortunately, this time, I was struck by food envy…


My dish was perfectly fine (the toast with maple butter was gorgeous, as was the halloumi) but I felt there was something missing. There was a big serving of sautéed kale (the menu only says ‘greens’ so I was hoping for a little side salad – obviously I should have checked!) which I’m not a fan of, plus there wasn’t quite enough halloumi for my tastes. But then again, I am slightly (too) obsessed with the stuff…


Ella’s jalapeño pancakes on the other hand were absolutely wonderful. They were amazingly fluffy and came with a generous helping of guacamole on the side. The dish is actually fully vegetarian as the bacon is not originally a part of it, but can be had as an extra side. I think next time I’ll go for this dish, sans bacon of course, and ask for a side of halloumi instead… Like I told you – obsessed!



pedler veggie brunch pedler pancakes

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