An afternoon in Venice, Italy

An afternoon in Venice: Canals


I travelled to Venice in August (so hot!) with two of my friends, and I thought it was about time I shared some photos and thoughts with you!


We were actually supposed to stay in Venice for a night and explore it properly, but when we were booking hotels we couldn’t find anything that wasn’t super expensive, so in the end we opted to stay in a nearby town of Padua (or Padova, as the locals call it) where we found a 4-star hotel for much cheaper than anything we had seen in Venice. Padua is half an hour from Venice by train, but it’s also a lovely place to visit on its in merit. It’s also equally close to the Venice Treviso airport as Venice itself, and there’s direct buses from the Marco Polo airport too.



An afternoon in Venice: Canals


This is pretty much the first thing you see when you get out of the train station – not bad, right?


An afternoon in Venice: ArchitectureAn afternoon in Venice: ArchitectureAn afternoon in Venice: CanalsAn afternoon in Venice: Canals


I was expecting Venice to be ridiculously busy, but it actually wasn’t that bad at all. Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of people there, but some side streets (which were still by the canal!) were really empty and even I, who gets really frustrated in big crowds, didn’t complain at all. It might be because we visited during a weekday at the end of August, but honestly, don’t let the bad reviews of the city put you off – it really is such a beautiful place and definitely worth a visit. That said, one day is probably enough…


If you have the chance, do check out some restaurant suggestions before going. We didn’t think of doing this, and ended up paying more than we probably would have had to if we had researched a bit more. It also helps with finding a place with a good, varied menu – ours didn’t have the biggest selection and my friend who’s a celiac had to go for octopus, which – to put it lightly – is not one of her favourite foods. So yes, learn from our mistakes and do your research before going!


An afternoon in Venice: Spritz TimeAn afternoon in Venice: RestaurantsAn afternoon in Venice: ArchitectureAn afternoon in Venice: ArchitectureAn afternoon in Venice: ArchitectureAn afternoon in Venice: Sea Views


Overall I really enjoyed our daytrip to Venice and even wished we’d had a few extra hours to spare – there were lots of little streets still to be explored and lots of gorgeous architecture still to be photographed. I’d love to visit some of the other islands, such as the colourful Burano, one day too. But I guess it’s always good to have reasons to go back, right?





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