An afternoon in Trastevere, Rome’s most bohemian district

Guide to Trastevere: Colourful houses in Trastevere Rome


Greetings from Rome!


Me and Jim came back from our mini holiday in Rome on Tuesday and I miss it already – two full days just isn’t quite enough! That said, we did manage to fit in quite a lot, and in this post I’m jumping straight into day number two when we spent a lovely afternoon lunching and walking around Rome’s bohemian district Trastevere.


I’ve been to Rome twice before and Trastevere was always the one district that stuck with me and where I always wanted to revisit. It’s an old working class area that’s now transforming into the city centres most bohemian district. I haven’t looked at house prices, so I’m not sure how affordable living in Trastevere is anymore, but still, out of all of the places we visited, it did have the most local feel to it.


Bridge over river Tiber Rome Guide to Trastevere: Bread basket Vincenzo Alla Lungaretta Rome Guide to Trastevere: Pizza Marinara Vincenzo Alla Lungaretta Rome Guide to Trastevere: Pizza and pasta Vincenzo Alla Lungaretta Rome


ALL the carbs!


Guide to Trastevere: Penne Arrabbiata Vincenzo Alla Lungaretta Rome


We started our afternoon in Trastevere with lunch in a lovely local spot called Vincenzo Alla Lungaretta, serving authentic Roman cuisine. Seeing as we were lucky enough to have a sunny day when we visited, we decided to sit outside on the terrace and do a bit of people watching whilst enjoying our lunch…


Because we couldn’t really make our minds up on what to order, we decided to split a pizza and a pasta and have a bit of both each. For our pizza we chose Marinara, which had a lovely and very tasty tomato sauce (it comes without cheese!) and the most amazing crispy base (I’m definitely on Team Rome when it comes to bases – which one are you?) which kind of reminded me of the one I had in GB Pizza Co in Margate.


Our other dish was Penne Arrabbiata, which is a pasta with a spicy tomato sauce with lots of garlic and herbs. This is my favourite type of pasta ever, and no matter how many times I’ve tried making it at home, I just can’t seem to be able to recreate it. So, I often opt for it in restaurants, and it didn’t disappoint here either: the sauce was amazingly tasty and you could really get all the flavours, not just the chilli. So, so good!


Guide to Trastevere: Bookshop Trastevere RomeGuide to Trastevere: Antico Forno Trastevere Rome Guide to Trastevere: Antica Osteria Rugantino Trastevere Rome


After lunch we walked around a bit, taking in the little cobbled streets and colourful buildings of the area, before inevitably stopping for a coffee and a drink in one Trastevere’s many cosy bars. At this point the sun had disappeared behind the clouds and it was a bit chillier, so we nestled ourselves next to the fire in a bar and a restaurant called Ombre Rosse and grabbed a pair of blankets to keep us warm. It was the perfect cosy moment and the loveliest way to end our afternoon stroll in Trastevere.


I wish we had had more time in Rome, as I’d definitely love to dedicate an entire day for exploring this district – there was still so much left to see and so many more little side streets to roam! I’ve also heard it’s a great area to head to if you’re looking for a place for a few drinks in the evening – it’s very lively and has a lot of different (and cheap-ish!) spots to while away a few (or many!) hours in.


Guide to Trastevere: Antica Osteria Rugantino Trastevere Rome Guide to Trastevere: Bicycle



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