Photography lessons in Holland Park


I’ve talked about my love for photography and the urge to better myself at it before, and I thought it could be fun to revisit the subject a bit. I’ve learned a lot since my last post, although it has been more of a slower process than I would have perhaps wanted. Still, there are some new tricks that I’ve managed to teach myself, such a finally (mostly) mastering the art of the manual focus – that was a massive win moment for me!


Last Sunday me and my friend Agnes went for a little photowalk with our colleague Lidia who also happens be a professional photographer who had promised to show us a few tricks and chat about photography in general. She was such a great help and I learned so many new things that I’d never read in any of the books I’ve purchased – just goes to show that I personally learn better by doing and by someone being there to show me the ropes!


We spent an afternoon walking around in Holland Park and I finally visited the Japanese Kyoto Gardens too. Who knew that there were so many different animals near central London, just roaming around? We saw peacocks, squirrels and pigeons (ok, they were slightly less exotic…) as well as all sorts of different fish in the garden’s pond. I was so fascinated by everything I saw and it definitely made for a great backdrop for photos!



That afternoon really fired up my love for photography again and I’m also really excited to start learning a bit more about the editing process, too. Getting Lightroom has already made such a difference to my photos, but I’d love to learn how to use it even better, and maybe learn a bit of Photoshop too. I’ve been editing my photos in the same way for as long as I can remember and I bet there’s quite a few tricks I’m missing out on just because I’m not looking!


If you’re a photographer or just very interested in it like I am, I’d love to hear how you learned (or are still learning) best? Was it just by doing, or is there some great books, courses or YouTube videos that I’m missing out on? This is something that I love doing more than anything else (except maybe eating tacos…) and I’m just yearning to learn more and more and get better at it!



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