Travel bucket list: the faraway destinations


Seeing as I don’t have a specific trip to plan at the moment, I thought I would share my ultimate daydream destinations around the world. As I thought these through, I realised that a lot of the destinations on the list have consciously or unconsciously been food/cuisine based decisions… What can I say – apparently I’d travel across the world for a really good taco..!


*These beautiful photos are taken by my mum’s husband on our family trip to New York City (which would also be on this list had I not already visited!).




Speaking of tacos… Mexican has been my favourite cuisine ever since I can remember, and I’ve always wanted to visit the country to get a more authentic taste of their amazing food. From the little that I know of the cultural heritage and music, I’m very interested in learning more about those too, and of course the gorgeous nature and those beautiful beaches don’t hurt, either! Normally I’m more of a city break girl but I do love a good relaxing holiday every now and then too, and I can definitely see myself sipping a cold Margarita on the beach..!


I have heard that Mexico can be quite dangerous for tourists though – has anyone been there on holiday? If so, I’d love it if you could shed some light on this and tell me your personal experience! Would I need to stay in a resort? And if so, would that kind of go against the “authenticity” reason..?




I’ve wanted to go to Jamaica ever since I moved to London and started being introduced to the flavours (yes, the reason for it being on this list is mostly about food again!) and culture of the island. I’m lucky to live near so many restaurants serving amazing rum cocktails and jerk chicken (although as a vegetarian I can’t eat that anymore – it’s one of the things I really miss!), but I can’t say I know much about how true these are to their origins.


I see Jamaica as a colourful and an extremely beautiful island full of things to do and experience (and eat and drink…) and I’d love to see if it matches my expectations! Until then I will just have to make do with what London has to offer…



New Orleans


My obsession with going to New Orleans started with seeing the film Interview with the Vampire many, many years ago. I was interested in all things supernatural, and according to folklore, New Orleans has been the home for many a living dead and it’s also the setting for the more modern (and perhaps slightly less critically acclaimed…) TV series The Originals.


After my obsession with the supernatural died down a little bit (but just a little) I became interested in other parts of New Orleans too – the creole food (of course), the music (New Orleans is famous for its jazz musicians) and the history. Out of all of the destinations on this list, New Orleans if probably the one I’d love to go to the most.




I know Iceland isn’t that far away, but as I wouldn’t want to just do it as a weekend trip, I thought I would include it in this list instead. Because of its wonderful and completely unique nature, Iceland does seem like a complete world of its own. From the hot springs and volcanoes to fjords and glaciers, I really want to take my time and experience it all.


I’d love to see the northern lights too, of course, but I’m really trying to manage my expectations as I know there’s no guarantee they’ll show up! But one can always hope, right? It really would be such a dream come if it did happen!


What are your dream, faraway destinations? I’m always looking for more places to add to my list…



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