Brunch at Rail House Cafe, Victoria

Rail House Cafe: The breakfast burger


Rail House Cafe is a lovely restaurant and a brunch spot in the brand new Nova Building, right next to Victoria station. It was opened earlier this year, and is a sister restaurant to Riding House Cafe in Fitzrovia, another (very pretty) restaurant on my list of places to visit. Rail House Cafe has quickly made a name for itself on Instagram and social media due to it’s beautiful decor and tasty food, so of course I had to pop it on my list, too.


Me and Jim finally visited the restaurant last Sunday for brunch, and although it was a bit too dark for great photos (I’m yet to master taking photos I’m happy with in low light situations – someone help please?!), it was very cosy and atmospheric nevertheless. I tried my best to snap a few photos of the food and the decor, but really, you should definitely go see it for yourself. I imagine it would be a lovely place for a cosy, candlelit date night, or a Friday night dinner with a group of good friends.


Rail House Cafe: Cosy interior

Rail House Cafe: Wine list


We booked on the previous night and had no problem getting a table, but it was very, very busy when we went so I I’d say booking is definitely advisable as otherwise you might have to wait a while. That said, their round bar area is very charming and a nice place to while away a few minutes while you’re waiting for your table! I watched the bartenders hard at work when we went by the bar, and the cocktails they were crafting looked amazing – I will definitely be having a few of those next time..!


For my brunch I opted for the shakshuka with eggs, feta, avocado, parsley and three pieces of sourdough bread on the side for dipping. The sauce was so tasty and flavoursome and the toppings, especially the feta, complimented it so well. The shakshuka also had peppers and onions in it, which they don’t mention in the description, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re not a fan. Personally, I don’t really like onion at all, but they weren’t too overpowering here which was good.


Rail House Cafe: Shakshuka

Rail House Cafe: Shakshuka


My lovely shakshuka!


Rail House Cafe: Breakfast burger


Jim opted for the ‘Burgerdict’ which was a breakfast burger consisting of poached egg, dry-aged beef patty, tomato and a special hollandaise sauce balanced on top of a breakfast muffin. I didn’t try any as I’m a vegetarian, but he tells me that it was very, very tasty too!


Rail House Cafe: Cosy interior

Rail House Cafe: Cosy interior



As I already mentioned, The Rail House Cafe has the loveliest decor, too. There’s lots of different style tables, but they all go really well together, and the whole space has a lovely old world feel to it. I wish I could have taken more photos of the actual space for you to see what I mean, but really, just take my word for it and go and pay them a visit – you won’t be disappointed. And if you can, go before the end of the year – they have a lovely festive feel going on at the moment with pine tree branches, little baubles and lots of other lovely decorations everywhere around the restaurant. I’m definitely a fan!


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