A guide to Winchester: how to spend 24 hours in the city

Guide to Winchester: The Old Vegan Pub


As I mentioned in my latest post, Jim and I spent last weekend exploring Winchester, where we went to celebrate our fourth anniversary. I hadn’t done much research on what to do in the town (aside from booking a few food spots, of course…), which allowed us to be a bit more spontaneous. It also meant that I didn’t have a lot of expectations, which probably helped me fall in love with the city even more.


As we found a few very lovely spots during our 24 hours in the city, I thought I would put together a little guide to Winchester. It’s mostly filled with places to eat in, of course, but I’ve thrown a few other interesting bits and bobs in there too!


Guide to Winchester: The old castleGuide to Winchester Guide to Winchester: The Old Vine pub





Hannah’s is located on Parchment Street, right in the centre of Winchester, and it’s possibly one of the most wonderful places I’ve ever stayed in. With £190 per night, it’s also on the more pricier side, but you really get so much for your money. If you’re ever looking for a really special place to stay in for a special occasion, this is most definitely the right pick.


The rate includes one of the three unique and beautiful rooms, a small selection of afternoon tea treats upon arrival, a tasty handmade breakfast in the morning and lots of little personal touches, which you definitely wouldn’t get in a chain hotel. She also gives you lots of personal tips on things to do in the city and her favourite picks on restaurants, cafes and bars.


Hannah's B&B Winchester bathroom Hannah's B&B Winchester lounge




The history: Winchester is full of historical buildings, with the big cathedral being one of the main ones. There’s also the beautiful Winchester College, dating back to the 1300s, as well as The Great Hall, which is all that’s left of the old Winchester Castle. We didn’t go inside any of these buildings, but they’re definitely worth admiring from just the outside too, as they are all architecturally very impressive (and very pretty, too!).


Shopping: As well as having most of the traditional high street shops available, Winchester is also great for independent shops. My favourite one was the P&G Wells Booksellers, right next to the beautiful old Winchester College. Had we had more time to spare, I would have loved to spend ages here! It’s a real gem.




The Green Man – A beautiful retro-inspired pub with a long wine list, lots of different spirits and short, but very good, cocktail list. We went for the cocktails, and I would very much recommend the Bloody Margarita, which is a super tasty twist on the traditional classic.


The Black Bottle – We didn’t make it here ourselves, but I love the look of it and it was also highly recommended to us by our host. The Black Bottle is a wine bar with a concept of a pre-loaded card with which you can try out lots of different wines from glass size as small as 25ml. Sounds like so much fun (even if a bit dangerous..!).



Guide to Winchester: Winchester Cathedral


The Winchester cathedral


Guide to Winchester: Kingsgate Books

Window shopping…




Piecaramba! I won’t go on about this too much as I’ve already written a post on the restaurant here, but I will say that their pies are one of the best I’ve ever had. They have 21 different variations with everything from meaty pies to as many as 6 different vegetarian and/or vegan versions. Try out the vegan Porky Pie – you won’t be disappointed!


Palm Pan Asia – This is a lovely option for a dinner – the food is tasty, and the decor is very contemporary but still quite cosy and atmospheric, too. Try out the crunchy veggie tempura and the green curry – both of which were very tasty!


The Stable – The Stable (in the photos below) is a beautifully decorated (all the candles!) restaurant specialising in pizza and different ciders. They have quite a few vegan options, and you can substitute the cheese in any of the “normal” pizzas for the vegan variety, too. If you’re a cider lover, the cider tasting board is well worth a try too – it’s a fun way to experience different flavours and find a new favourite.



The Stable WinchesterThe Stable Winchester vegan menuThe Stable Winchester cider tasting The Stable Winchester vegan pizza



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