On being an nervous traveller


Hi, I’m Laura and I’m a nervous traveler.


I always have been, and I’ve always felt really guilty about it, too. Travel is supposed to be fun, right? It’s supposed be a once in a lifetime experience, an adventure, but I just can’t help but feel stressed every time I set out for somewhere new.


When I say that I’m a nervous traveler, I don’t mean that I’m afraid the plane will crash, or that something else “physical” will happen on my way to and from the destination. I don’t particularly enjoy flying (although I’m sure I would if I could afford flying 1st class…) but it doesn’t scare me either. It’s more the social and (some might think) trivial aspects of travel that really frighten me.


Here are some things that make me feel nervous, in no particular order:



What if I’ve booked my flights for the wrong date? *Frantically checks flight times about 27 times*


How do I get through security without causing a fuss? I know I’ve done this so many times but what if I accidentally have liquids in my bag? What if I hold the line for too long?


How do I get from the airport to my hotel? Do I have to speak to someone at the info desk? Will they speak English?


How do I buy a ticket to the airport bus or train? What if I get on the wrong airport bus or train?


What if I’ve booked the hotel for the wrong day?!


What if the small local restaurants that I’d love to visit don’t want me there because I’m a tourist? What if I do something wrong or order the wrong thing? What if I have to pay at the till but I just keep sitting at the table, waiting for the bill like an idiot? Better just to go to big high street restaurants instead…


Aaaand you get the gist. I stress about everything, and at the heart of most of them is the fear of being humiliated. It’s the reason why I didn’t go to those traditional small tapas restaurants in Madrid – they were so fast paced and I was afraid I would do something wrong or not know what or how to order. It’s also the reason why I often choose hotels instead of (air)bnb:s – they might sometimes be a bit soulless, but they are more straightforward and I know how they work.


Of course, I’m not going to let any of this stop me from traveling, but it would be nice to once go to the airport without having all the stress mixed in with the excitement.


Do any of the things I mentioned above make any sense to you? Please tell me I’m not completely alone!


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