Vegan fried chicken burger in The Tiger, Camberwell

Vegan fried chicken burger in The Tiger, Camberwell


There’s this amazing little pub in the centre of Camberwell that I’ve been wanting to tell you about for a while. It has a quirky decor (lots of different sized prints, paintings and photographs in different styles on its colourful walls), big windows that bring in lots of light and, most of all, the most amazing food.


I first went here a few months ago with my friend, and, as I wasn’t that hungry, I just opted for a few sides. Having those sides (amazing little halloumi bites with jalapeño sauce and twice cooked fries) made me promise myself that the next time I’d go there, I’d go super hungry. The Tiger has an amazingly varied vegan menu (half of the menu is for omnis, the rest for vegans and veggies) with lots of different burgers, small bites and even a Sunday roast.


The Tiger CamberwellThe Tiger Camberwell interior


After my first visit, I knew I had to go back. So, last Sunday, I met up with the same friend and suggested we go here again and very luckily she was more than happy to accept.


On Sundays the menu is shorter than normal, but there’s still a few different burgers, lots of sides and, of course, Sunday roasts (of which there is a vegan version, too!) on the menu. We both went for the vegan fried chicken burger with vegan mayo and buffalo sauce (although, as my friend doesn’t like spicy food, the pub was happy to change this to tomato relish for her) with the “chicken” part made from seitan.


I loved my burger. I haven’t had a lot of seitan in my life even though I’ve been vegetarian for almost two years, but I think I’m definitely a convert now. Also, as I used to love buffalo wings before going vegetarian, I was so happy to have the sauce back in my life (slightly dramatic, but true). The fried seitan and the spicy sauce were perfectly complimented by the cool vegan mayo and the crunchy salad, and was served with super tasty crispy skin on fries.


Vegan fried chicken burget in The Tiger Camberwell Skin on fries in The Tiger, Camberwell

Vegan Fried Chicken burger in the Tiger Camberwell


I would 100 % recommend visiting The Tiger – I’d say it’s even worth the trek if you live on the other side of London! The food is amazing, the decor is quirky and cute and the staff is wonderful – what more could you ask for in a pub? I for one couldn’t be happier that I’m lucky to live so close to all that amazing food..! They can expect me to come back on multiple occasions – I think I’ll be dragging my boyfriend here next!


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