Brunch at the Dalloway Terrace, Bloomsbury

Veganuary Brunch in London: Dalloway Terrace Avocado on toast


I’m doing Veganuary again this January, just to get back on track and to remind myself that it is, in fact, possible not to eat all of the cheese all of the time… Mostly, though, it’s an opportunity to challenge myself and pay a bit more attention to restaurant menus and really try and find more sustainable options. Hopefully I’ll carry on doing that even after January is over!


So, in the spirit of trying out new things, last Sunday me and Jim headed to Veganuary brunch (well, Veggie-nuary for him) to a spot I’ve been wanting to visit for months now: The Dalloway Terrace in Bloomsbury. Before visiting the restaurant I kept seeing photos of it on Instagram and became absolutely obsessed with the decor. I saw someone describe Dalloway Terrace as a kind of Narnia, and that’s exactly what it is: a cosy winter wonderland and a (very) welcome escape from the madness of the nearby Oxford Street.


Dalloway Terrace lounge BloomsburyDalloway Terrace lounge BloomsburyDalloway Terrace brunch menuDalloway Terrace brunch menu Dalloway Terrace interiorDalloway Terrace interior Dalloway Terrace interior Dalloway Terrace interior


We had booked a table for 10 am, but as it wasn’t quite ready when we arrived, we were shown to the lounge and bar area and asked to wait for a few minutes. The decor of the lounge was completely different (you can see it in the first few photos above) to the terrace, but I loved it all the same – it was like stepping back in time to a different, more decadent, era.


After returning to the “winter wonderland” and being showed to our table, we started off with drinks. I with a fresh juice made from carrots, apple, ginger and mango and Jim with his favourite coffee, a flat white. I think we both agreed that the drinks were really nice, but for the price we paid (£4.50 for the coffee and £6 for quite a small juice), it should have been something extraordinary to not feel like a bit of a rip off… But, I guess we were paying for the surroundings!


Dalloway Terrace brunch: Flat white Dalloway Terrace brunch: Flat white Veganuary brunch at Dalloway Terrace
Dalloway Terrace brunch: Fresh juice


For my Veganuary brunch I went with avocado on toast with cherry tomatoes which was really, really tasty. This time I think the price point was just right, too – I paid £8 for it in total, and got lots of avocado, plus the actual bread it came on was amazing. Perfectly crispy on the sides and soft on the middle – yuuum!


Jim chose the Shakshuka with a boiled egg (instead of Veganuary he’s doing “veggie-nuary” which means being vegetarian for the month) which was delicious too. Unfortunately, though, he had asked it without chorizo, but they made a mistake and brought him one with it. Seeing as he’s not a full time vegetarian he just put the meat on the side and didn’t send it back as we didn’t really want to waste food. We did tell the staff, but didn’t end up getting any discount on the final bill.


Would you have any tips on how to handle a situation like this? We’re both a bit useless at confrontation!


Veganuary Brunch in London: Dalloway Terrace Avocado on toast


My avocado on sourdough with cherry tomatoes. I did actually just realise that it was supposed to come with heritage chillies as well but I didn’t get any.. Oh well!


Brunch at Dalloway Terrace: Shakshuka


Shakshuka with sourdough bread


Dalloway Terrace exterior Dalloway Terrace exterior


Aside from the expensive drinks and the chorizo-gate I did really enjoy Dalloway Terrace. I was glad that the food was really good, even though, to be completely honest, I was initially just happy to go there for the decor… I’d like to return to try their afternoon tea, which is made by the lovely Bake Off winner Candice Brown from a few years ago. I loved her on the show, so I would love to support her new ventures – especially in a place this beautiful!


Have you ever been to Dalloway Terrace?


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