Sunday brunch in Helsinki: Restaurant Story

Brunch in Helsinki: Story Kamppi


My goal for this year’s Finland trips is to eat out more if the budget allows it. Now that I’ve lived in London for over five years already, I want to treat going back home as more of a holiday, as well as see my old hometown a bit more like a tourist would. And, to be fair, for all intents and purposes I am a tourist now: there are SO many new restaurants and bars that weren’t there when I moved out, and I’ve *definitely* lost count on all the places that I want to try! 


Brunch in Helsinki: Story Kamppi Brunch in Helsinki: Story KamppiBrunch in Helsinki: Story Kamppi Brunch in Helsinki: Story Kamppi


I successfully started my new ‘eating out in Finland’ tradition last week by having brunch in Helsinki, in a place recommended to me by my friend in the know: a restaurant called Story at the top floor of Kamppi shopping centre, with views over the city centre. 


Don’t be put off by the fact that Story is located in a shopping centre. I know it usually means chain restaurants, but the top floor of Kamppi is actually very pretty, showcasing beautiful Nordic design and lots of cool little eateries. Story, for example, only has one other branch in Helsinki, so it’s as far from a large, soulless chain as you can get. The other branch is in an old market hall just by Helsinki harbour, and is worth a visit in its own right – the location is absolutely beautiful and the market hall itself is full of charm.


On Sundays Story has a specific Sunday menu with lots of stand alone brunch dishes like the  classic avocado on toast, lots of different egg dishes and also a few sweeter plates such as French toast and pancakes with apple and cinnamon. They also do more typical lunch food like burgers and sandwiches if you go a bit later on in the day and have already had your breakfast. 


Brunch in Helsinki: Story KamppiBrunch in Helsinki: French toast with banana Brunch in Helsinki: French toast with banana


I was so close to choosing to go for my favourite, the avocado on toast, but changed my mind at the last minute as I thought that for once I should try something a bit different. Also, wanting variety for my blog photos might have *possibly* had something to do with it as well… Anyway, in the end I opted for French toast with peanut butter, banana and mascarpone foam which turned out to be fantastic, so I’m very glad I made the change. 


Costing 8.90€ (about 7.80 pounds), the dish is a bit pricey, considering you only get one slice of bread, but if you can get over the price (which you probably should: this is Finland and you won’t find anything similar for much less elsewhere…) you’ll really love the dish. There’s a generous serving of mascarpone and banana, which both act as a lovely sweetener and moist maker (hi Ross) for the saltiness of the peanut butter. 


Brunch in Helsinki: Granola and yoghurt Brunch in Helsinki: Avocado on toast


My friend Hanna went for the avocado and toast as well as a bowl of home roasted granola with yoghurt. The avocado on toast is served on a gluten free bread and comes with tomato, sesame seeds and pickled onions.


I asked for her opinion, and she said that the food, especially the granola, was really tasty, but that the bread was served with pickled onions even though she had asked them to be excluded. She also would have preferred something else than the gluten free bread, but as the dish was only served this, there was no other option. Other than that everything was really tasty, and she also really recommended the Saturday menu, which I’d love to try next! 


Brunch in Helsinki: Story Kamppi


All in all I really loved my experience at Story: the staff were very attentive and friendly, the food was yummy and the decor, as well as the views, were stunning as well. I highly recommend booking a table if you’re on the lookout for a great brunch in Helsinki, and, if you do end up booking, make sure to ask for a table by the window! 


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