My travel bucket list: the Europe edition

After doing my post on my faraway destinations bucket list, I thought I would put together a list of a few places in Europe that I would absolutely love to visit one day, too. I’m more likely to visit all of these before I ever go to any of the ones from that other list, so writing this was exciting in a different kind of way – less hopeless dreaming and more “I can actually do this one day!”. Without further ado, let’s start with…




When I was younger, I never used to be very interested in visiting Norway at all – growing up in Finland, it was “too close” and thus not very interesting to me. I was much more into going to in sunny resorts in Spain or Italy, or other destinations beyond Europe. But, over the years, I’ve slowly started seeing the allure in this beautiful country and now I really want to go. 


Even though I’d say I’m more of a city girl than a country girl, I find Norway’s nature really fascinating. I want to see the mountains and the fjords, but most of all I’d like to go all the way north and go whale watching on the coasts of the Norwegian Sea. 


I also really want to visit Bergen and do the scenic train journey after reading the beautifully photographed post by Carrie from WishWishWish. One day! 




I feel like I already adore Amsterdam even though I’ve never been there. So many of my friends and the people I follow here in the blogosphere have been there in the recent years, and I’ve just completely fallen in love with the architecture and the beauty of the city. 


It seems like such a laid back place to visit with friendly locals, and somewhere you’d just want to walk around and explore for hours and hours. I’d also like to explore the city by bike – I love cycling but don’t do it much in London as I just find it too scary here!





Another Scandinavian country! I feel slightly ashamed to admit that even though I lived in one of the Nordic countries for about 24 years, I only ever visited Sweden (which I do love) out of all of the Scandinavian countries that were so close to me all those years. So I’m making up for lost time here (it also turns out that flights to Copenhagen are much cheaper from London than they are from Helsinki – go figure). 


I’m intrigued to see how Copenhagen is different from Stockholm, aka the one other Scandi capital I’ve visited before… Architecturally it looks beautiful and from all the guides I’ve already consumed and there seem to be lots of restaurants and cafes to explore, too. I’ve heard that the Danish are the happiest nation in the world, so I’d also be intrigued to see how that reflects on the everyday life you’ll see as a tourist.


VALENCIA (and see more of Spain in general) 


When I was a little kid, we used to always go for a summer holiday somewhere warm around September time and, usually, that somewhere was Spain. I’ve been to the country a few times since (Madrid two years ago and Barcelona when I was 18), and I’ve never not enjoyed myself. I think I’ve also made it very clear that I love Spanish food, so I’d love to do a little foodie tour and explore more of the smaller cities of Spain and see what everyday life is like. Accompanied by lots and lots of tapas and red wine, of course.


When I first moved to London I worked in a hotel for a year and a half, and one of my lovely coworkers was from Valencia on the east coast of Spain. He would always speak of his hometown with such passion and love and so I’ve wanted to go there ever since. It’s by the sea, which is always a plus, and it’s also where paella originates from – I would love to try it out in its hometown! 


Have you ever been to any of these places? 


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