Best vegetarian and vegan cheap eats in London

Patatas Bravas Boquaria Brixton


Seeing as I just wrote about all those London restaurants for special occasions, earlier this week, I thought it was only fair that I followed it up with a list of the best vegetarian and vegan cheap eats in London, too. All of these will come under £10, but, most importantly, will definitely fill you up as well.


London is my favourite city for eating out because there is just so much choice. You have something for every budget and taste, but I think the city is specifically great for eating out on the cheap, especially as a vegetarian. I’ve listed my favourites below – I hope you find something you haven’t tried before!


Wahaca vegan burrito


The secret vegan burrito at Wahaca


Did you know that Wahaca has secret vegan dishes that are not on the menu? And did you know that one of them, the vegan burrito, is pretty sizeable, comes with a side portion of tortilla chips and only costs about £7.50? Well, now you do – you’re welcome!


The burrito consists of sweet potato, rice, red cabbage and other veggies, and tastes SO good. I recommend adding a good dollop of Wahaca’s sauces to it, too – my favourite is the smoky Arbol chilli one. 


Vegan cheese, chorizo & jalapeño toastie – The Blacksmith and the Toffee Maker


The Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker is my most recent discovery, but I’m already in love. It’s the newest fully vegan pub in London and serves amazing food. I fully intend to write a full blog review on this place at some point, but for now, let me just point you in the direction of their amazing chorizo cheese toastie. 


As the pub is fully vegan, the toastie doesn’t, of course, actually have real chorizo or cheese, but honestly – they could have fooled me. The vegan cheese is super stringy and tastes so much like  “real cheese”, and the chorizo comes closer to the real thing than any other substitute I’ve tried before. But the best thing? This massive portion (served with fries or salad) is only £7. Such a bargain! 


Best vegetarian and vegan cheap eats in London: Pizza Union

Pizza Margherita at Pizza Union


All of the pizzas in Pizza Union actually come under ten pounds, but value for money wise you can’t beat their Margherita. If you want, you can even add an extra topping  (£1 each) and the total will still fall under five pounds. 


I wrote a review of Pizza Union just last week, so if you’d like to see more photos or hear more about my experience, go give it a read! They also do an amazing dessert, which is essentially a ring made out of pizza dough and filled with Nutella and mascarpone cheese – yum!


Patatas bravas & Pan con Tomate at Boqueria


Boqueria is not only one of my favourite tapas restaurants, but one of my favourite restaurants in London overall. The dish that made me fall in love with Boqueria was their amazing patatas bravas – I’d never tried anything like them before, and I became completely obsessed and have been back many, many times since first trying them three and a half years ago. 


I know what you’re thinking – “Laura, why are you including a place where the cheap eats consist of some potatoes and bread?” But, honestly, the portion size of the potatoes is really big, and I usually get full from just them before even having anything else. Add a portion (four slices) of the amazing tomato bread, and you’re sorted. And, if you still want to add another veggie side from the menu (I suggest the goat’s cheese salad or honeyed, crispy aubergine) you’ll still be paying less than £15. 


What are your favourite cheap eats in London?