Small pleasures | February 2018


Visiting Brighton 


I’ve visited Brighton more in the past year than I probably have during my whole life – I’ve just completely fallen for it. There’s so many amazing foodie spots to visit and so many lovely pubs and cafes to while away time in. In mid-February I went there again to visit my friend who moved to the city about a year ago, and had such a great time. We had an amazing veggie lunch in The Prince George, sampled wines in Ten Green Bottles and had a tasty dinner and cocktails in the Chilli Pickle. I can’t wait to go back soon! 


Finland trip 


Another, slightly bigger, trip I did this month was my holiday to Finland last week. I went to visit family and friends, but also to see my sisters school dance – a tradition in Finland for when the high school second graders become seniors – which made me feel super nostalgic – it’s 11 years since my own dance (HOW?!). The photo above is of my sister before her dance – isn’t she a beauty? 


The Good Place on Netflix


The Good Place, aka the new show with the wonderful Kristen Bell, on Netflix has been my favourite new TV show discovery this month. When I first saw the premise (Kristen Bell’s character gets into heaven but is not sure she belongs there) I wasn’t 100% it would be for me. I gave it a go anyway as I adore Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars forever!) and I’m so glad I did – it’s hilarious, thought provoking and highly addictive all at once, and I’m incredibly upset that I now have no more episodes to watch. Please bring it back soon, Netflix!


(Edit: I have just checked, and it will be back in September. SEPTEMBER! How can I make it until then?!)



Cold sunny days 


February has been colder than previous years (well, at least it has felt like that…), but we’ve also had so many of those beautiful sunny yet chilly days, which I am all for. I don’t really mind it being cold in February (well, I have my limits, but luckily the British winter usually adheres to them) – it is winter after all. I am looking forward to all the warmer days and cherry blossoms of spring, though – can you believe it’s March next week?! 


Dancing to indie music at The Lexington


I used to go out so much more than I do now, but last weekend, for the longest time, I went out dancing to indie tunes to north London’s The Lexington and had so much fun. I don’t do it too often anymore as I don’t like going to bed that late, but I think I do need to start adding these nights to my calendar a bit more often – they’re such a good pick me up if the music is right!


What are your favourite moments from the previous month?