3 cities I will always return to


Manchester, England


Even though I’ve only ever been to Manchester twice, I have a massive soft spot for it and know I will return time and time again. This love mostly stems from my fondness for indie music and the fact that so many of my favourite bands hail from Manchester (The Smiths and the Stone Roses to name just a few). There’s a reason why the city has birthed so many amazing bands and artists – there’s still this cultural buzz all around and it feels very bohemian and colourful, too.


Aside from the musical heritage, my favourite thing about Manchester are all the different independent shops (especially all the record shops!) and eateries – there were so many restaurants I had on my list when we last visited and I barely managed to scratch the surface. I also love Manchester’s pubs and bars – all the locals are super friendly and you immediately just feel like you belong.


Stockholm, Sweden


I’ve been to Stockholm more times than I can count – I honestly can’t remember the exact number! Being from Helsinki, I’ve taken the boat over so many times and I still just really adore the city, and some of my favourite memories as a child are from those boats and exploring Stockholm. I also have some amazing memories from when I went there with one of my best friends in our early twenties – there’s just so many reasons why the city holds such a special place in my heart!


Stockholm is quite a big city, so there’s a lot to do and see. My favourite parts are the old town (Gamla Stan) with its colourful architecture and little cobbled streets, as well as Södermalm which is kind of like Stockholm’s Shoreditch, full of quirky shops and great bars and restaurants.


Tallinn, Estonia


Tallinn falls into the same category as Stockholm – I’ve been there more times than I can count, ever since I was really young. My earlier trips would always concentrate on the old medieval city centre (so beautiful!) but in my recent trips, I’ve explored another, less touristy side of Tallinn too which I’ve completely fallen in love with.


The city is constantly changing and every time I go, there’s something new. My latest discovery was the area of Telliskivi which is a pretty artsy district with super cool bars (we went to one that was in an old train carriage!) and lots of culture. It was a nice contrast to the beautiful, but overcrowded, old town, and I definitely want to explore more of this side of the city when I next visit.


Which city will you always go back to?


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