Brunch at 29 Power Station West, Battersea


29 Power Station West is a beautiful and spacious brunch place, restaurant and bar right next to the Thames in Battersea. It’s part of a small group called Darwin & Wallace, who specialise in creating bespoke neighbourhood restaurants that are inspired by their location and are all unique. You might have heard of other restaurants in the group too: for example, No 11 Pimlico Road and No 197 Chiswick Fire Station are both part of Darwin & Wallace.


There are two floors in 29 Power Station West, both slightly differently decorated. The upstairs bit acts as more of a sit down restaurant (with some comfy looking arm chairs dotted around for those who just came to drink!) and is more minimalist in its decor, whereas the downstairs bit is slightly darker and more retro (think 60s-70s tiles and furniture!) and feels more like the bar bit of the restaurant, as well as having a separate room for private parties and bigger groups.


The feel here is quite posh – we are pretty close to Battersea Park and Chelsea, after all. Me and Jim sat next to people who talked about how refreshing it is to *not* always visit just member’s clubs, and how they had two cars but didn’t really drive either of them… So basically pretty much completely unrelatable to both me and Jim, but funny to listen to nevertheless. And, that said, it’s not like we didn’t feel like we didn’t belong – it might have a posh feel, but the main dishes are quite reasonably priced, and the service is really quick, friendly and warm.


Brunch at 29 Power Station West Brunch at 29 Power Station West Brunch at 29 Power Station West Brunch at 29 Power Station West


We had booked a table for 11:30, which turned out to be the time on weekends when the breakfast menu turns into the brunch menu. The brunch menu is a lot bigger, and has most of the dishes that are on the breakfast menu too, however there are some exceptions so make sure to check which menu you prefer and book accordingly! For example, the avocado on toast can only be found on the breakfast menu, not the brunch one.


I was feeling frivolous (it was the day after payday, after all…) and decided to order a Bellini to drink. It was super refreshing and just the right amount of sweet, and made me nice and giddy for the rest of the brunch.


Brunch at 29 Power Station West Brunch at 29 Power Station WestBrunch at 29 Power Station West


For my main I ordered a triple cheese and avocado toastie which was *amazing*. The bread was soft on the inside and lovely and crunchy on the outside, and was filled with LOTS of cheese and avocado. The only thing I was left missing was something fresh, like tomato, but overall I really loved it. Maybe next time I’ll just order a little side salad to go with it! 


Brunch at 29 Power Station West


Jim went for a breakfast bruschetta with roasted tomatoes, spinach, avocado, bacon & breakfast mayo and said that it was super tasty – he especially loved the roasted tomatoes and the breakfast mayo. He also ordered poached eggs on the side for £3.50, which he said were a perfect addition to the bruschetta, if a little pricey. 

 Brunch at 29 Power Station West Brunch at 29 Power Station West


Overall I enjoyed our brunch at 29 Power Station West: the decor was BEAUTIFUL, the food tasty and well priced (except maybe for the sides – £3.50 for a poached egg is pushing it a bit…) and quick and friendly service. Next time I’d really love to try some of the other restaurants in the group – the 11 Pimlico Road one looks especially pretty! 




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