Drinks with a view: Cocktails at the Oxo Tower, London

Cocktails at the Oxo Tower


One of my favourite, a bit more special, things to do in London is going for drinks with a view. There are so many different places to choose from, and there really isn’t many cities with a better skyline – London is full of beautiful skyscrapers as well as having so much history, the beautiful river Thames and lots of different type of architecture. You’ll never get bored of looking out of the window – I know I don’t!


This time we headed for cocktails at the Oxo Tower, just by the river Thames and only a five minute walk from Blackfriars station. The bar and restaurant are situated on the 8th floor, overlooking everything from the beautiful St Paul’s Cathedral to the Gherkin and Walkie Talkie (don’t you just love the names of London skyscrapers?!) and has an outside viewing platform with lots of tables and chairs, too.


We happened to visit on the return date of the ‘Beast from the East’, which meant that the ‘feels like’ temperature outside was -6, so we were very happy to avoid the outside bit on this occasion… I do want to go back in the summer and have a few cocktails there – I can only imagine how beautiful the views would be on a summer evening, especially during sunset!


Cocktails at the Oxo Tower


Everything is pretty expensive at the Oxo Tower, but you do get a small portion of nibbles for free with your drinks which is pretty nice of them!


The Oxo Tower bar The Oxo Tower bar The Oxo Tower bar The Oxo Tower restaurant


The above photo is from the restaurant side – isn’t it beautiful? I didn’t dare look at the prices of the Ala Carte menu, though, but I imagine it’s probably more for those special occasions…


Views from the Oxo Tower


Views from the viewing terrace – too bad it was such a grey day! When will Spring actually start?


Cocktails at the Oxo Tower Cocktails at the Oxo Tower


This was Jim’s drink, a cocktail aptly called Penicillin, made with scotch, lemon, ginger and honey. I loved the presentation (it goes so well with the name of the drink!) and I only heard praise about the drink itself, too. It was £13 so you would hope it’d be good!


Cocktails at the Oxo Tower


I wasn’t drinking alcohol last weekend as I was preparing for a hospital appointment, so I had to make do with a raspberry lemonade. To be honest, I wouldn’t really recommend it – it wasn’t very lemon-y at all and I paid a whopping £4.50 for it… So I’d say stick with the mocktails or the cocktails if you go here – at least with them you should be getting your money’s worth!


The bar at Oxo Tower also serves different bar snacks and brunch, as well as lots of different wines, spirits and beers. They also do teas and coffees if you fancy having your coffee date with a friend in slightly posher surroundings!


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