Sophie’s in Dublin: tasty pizzas and amazing views

Pizza at Sophie's in Dublin


I flew to Dublin for a weekend break last week and had such an amazing time. It was my third time there, but this time something truly clicked: I’ve always liked Dublin, but last weekend I completely fell for it. Maybe it was being shown around by a local (my travel companion, Pam, is originally from the city) or the sunshine and blue skies, but whatever it was, I’m now most definitely sold. 


Our first stop on our trip was food – of course. We had chosen a bar and restaurant called Sophie’s due to its beautiful decor, amazing views (it’s located on the top floor of the building) and pizzas. As with many other places that have a view, the menu at Sophie’s is pretty expensive, but they do have a pizza and brunch menu which isn’t too eye-watering, and it’s what we went for, in the end.


Sophie's in Dublin menu Sophie's in Dublin: decor Sophie's in Dublin: decor


The pizza menu at Sophie’s has six different options, out of which two are vegetarian: a margherita and a buffalo mozzarella & pesto one. We all tried a different pizza (and one brunch dish) and agreed that they were all equally tasty. I personally feel that a margherita pizza is always a great test on how good the level of a pizzeria is: if the tomato sauce and dough are good, everything else will probably be pretty amazing too. 


This was luckily the case at Sophie’s, too: my margherita was super tasty and the tomato sauce full of flavour. The dough was amazing too: just the right amount of fluffy, but also very crispy on the edges (v important). 


The pizzas here are all 13 to 15 euros (about 11-13 pounds), but if that’s a bit too steep for you, I would still recommend just coming here for the views alone. For €5.50 you can get a pint of Guinness (essential when visiting Dublin!) or for €6 a mocktail, which is not too bad considering the gorgeous views. From where we were sitting you could even see the Dublin mountains, which were such a beautiful sight! 


Sophie's in Dublin: Pizza and brunch Sophie's in Dublin: Brunch Sophie's in Dublin: Pizza Sophie's in Dublin: Pizza Sophie's in Dublin: Pizza and cocktails


As I was on holiday, I wanted to splurge a bit and went for a cocktail. I played it safe and ordered something I always order: a cocktail with rum and lime. My drink was called Mad Ting and, other than the ingredients already mentioned, it consisted of passion fruit syrup and Ting grapefruit soda.


The drink choice might have been boring for me, but the presentation was anything but: the cocktail was served in an old can of Ting soda and decorated with lots of ice and mint. I’m usually not a fan of drinks with too much ice, but this was really lovely and didn’t feel too watery or overpowered by it.


Sophie's in Dublin: Mad Ting cocktail Sophie's in Dublin: Bailey's coffee


Bailey’s coffee!


Sophie's in DublinSophie's in Dublin rooftop


The rooftop bit of Sophie’s


The Dean hotel Dublin


Overall, Sophie’s was a wonderful experience: our server (I wish I could remember her name!) was super nice and friendly, the food was amazing and the views beautiful. Sophie’s also has a rooftop bar for those warmer days, and the hotel it’s situated in (The Dean) is so beautiful too and worth a visit in its own right. The lobby bar especially was very, very Instagrammable..! 


Other amazing places for food in Dublin (but ones I didn’t bring my camera to) are The Brazen Head (apparently it’s the oldest pub in Ireland!) where I had their absolutely divine 3 bean chilli (I’m honestly still dreaming about it..!) and Urbanity Coffee for slightly different and really innovative brunch dishes. 





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