My 2018 blogging goals – 3 months on

A look back on my 2018 blogging goals, starting with…


Get stuck on the Bloggers Course


I very optimistically started the Travel Hack’s Blogger Course at the beginning of January which I technically should have finished by now… Instead, I’m stuck on chapter 4, with my excuse being that I’ve just been “too busy” when in reality I probably just needed to be more organised and binge watch Netflix a bit less… 


The course itself is really great and I especially love the secret Facebook group you get access to (where I really need to be more involved!), and I wouldn’t have been brave enough to do things like ask brands and fellow bloggers for testimonials if doing so wouldn’t have been a task on the course. Right now I’m stuck writing a pitch (the whole thought makes me so nervous!), which is another task set by the course. After I’m done with that I can finally move on to chapter 5! 


Be a part of the community more


This is something I still struggle with. I know you shouldn’t compare yourself to others, but I look at people who have been blogging for less time than me and seem to blend into the community so seamlessly and make friends so much more easily than I do. Of course, I know that they probably put so much effort into engaging and chatting to people – something that just doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m an introvert in real life and, looks like, in the online world too (I wish I was a webtrovert like Sara Tasker!). I’m not good at starting in-depth conversations with people I don’t know well, so often my interactions tend to just be a comment here and there but nothing more substantial than that. 


That said, I HAVE met a few wonderful people this year that I hope will become good friends later along the line! I guess I’m just not a big friendship group kind of person and feel more relaxed with a just few great friends. Fingers crossed that in time I can make my own little community out of those people! 


Approach brands and make a media kit


I haven’t approached brands yet (I need to write that pitch, remember!) but I *have* made a media kit – hurrah! Granted it’s just made with Word, with a few photos thrown in, but it’ll do for now. I’d love to make it look snazzier at some point, though! 


As for approaching brands, I think I’ll focus on making that pitch and also writing down a list of brands I would actually love to work with. After all, how can I approach anyone if I don’t really know what I’m looking for? 


Post 3 times a week


I’ve mostly managed this with an exception of a few weeks, mostly when I haven’t been feeling well. For example, last week I only posted once because I fell ill and was bed bound for five days straight. My next goal, actually, should be to always have a few extra posts written in case something like this happens again!


Be in more photos


This one I’ve actually been doing! I’m still not in tons of photos, but especially over in Instagram, I’ve been showing my face a lot more. It really is a conscious effort to try and remember to do it as often I’m the one behind the lens. I’ve also had to try and stop feeling so self-conscious when posing in restaurants etc – it doesn’t come naturally to me! Which is funny, as before I was a blogger I would pose away in the strangest places with my friends and not think twice about it, but as soon as it’s something for my blog I feel way more nervous! But I’m getting there – slowly but surely. I hope! 


How are your goals for this year going so far?