Small pleasures | April 2018

Mini summer in the middle of spring 


How good was the weather last week?! After the gloomiest and greyest April, we truly got the most AMAZING week to make up for it. The best thing was that the good weather actually lasted throughout the weekend, too – it seems like that never happens. I squeezed in as much as I could: drinks in the park, food markets, photographing blossoms (as you do) and rooftop picnics with friends. You never know when a week like that will come along next, so I had to enjoy it to the fullest! 


Spending time with my sister 


My sister and her friend came to visit me for a long weekend in mid-April and it was so lovely spending time with them. My sister and I have an age difference of 10 years and haven’t actually lived together in as many years, so quality time with her can sometimes be pretty sparse, seeing as we live in different countries as well!


We spent the four days they were here eating (I introduced them to my favourite vegan pub in Angel!), drinking and exploring different areas in London. I even managed to tick off one thing from my 2018 London list: visiting Gong on the 52nd floor of the Shard! The views were preeeetty great… 



London Eye and city sightseeing 


One of my favourite days of April has got to be the 19th, which also happened to be the hottest day of the year. It was such a gloriously sunny and bright day, and in the evening I attended a blogging event by Megabus who treated us to a champagne experience in the London Eye (the views on a clear day are just something else!) as well as a sightseeing tour on their brand new open-top buses.


During the two hours we saw so many different London attractions from Buckingham Palace to Fleet Street, but the best part was probably witnessing the glorious golden hour and sunset over the Thames whilst driving over the Wateroo Bridge. It felt so magical! The best thing is that the sightseeing tickets start from £1 (yes!) so I’m definitely doing this again when friends come to visit.


Surviving a three-day juice fast over Easter  


In the turn of March and April, I embarked (yes, embarked :p) on a three-day juice fast. I’ve been talking about doing one for a while (to see if it would help my IBS) but had been too scared to actually go for it. I was afraid of being too hungry (I’m not very good at being hungry…) and so I definitely didn’t want to do it during working hours. Seeing as I had four consecutive days off over Easter, I decided that that would be the perfect time to give it a go. 


The first day was the hardest – I don’t think I drank enough juice and other liquids, so I felt really hungry and had a big headache throughout the evening. The second and the third day weren’t as bad – I had figured out my routine and remembered to drink something at all times, and even managed to go for a photo walk! Mostly I just stayed in, though, and watched a LOT of TV – Poldark was my saviour! 


If you have any more questions about my experience with the fast, just ask! I know how confusing it can be at first.  


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