Vegetarian Asian food at Dim T, Charlotte Street

Dim T Charlotte Street: Vegetarian Gyoza


Dim T is a small chain of restaurants serving delicious food from all corners of Asia, from dim sum and noodle soups to inventive desserts such as banana katsu (I’m desperate to try this!) and chocolate bento box. There are five different restaurants dotted around London, as well as one in Winchester (lucky them!). I’ve personally only ever been to the Charlotte Street branch – twice in the last month, in fact – and I really, really like it.


Dim T is great for vegetarians and they’ve actually recently launched a dedicated veggie menu with lots of options (quite a few for vegans, too!) which you can get if you ask for it separately, though there are quite a few options on the “normal” menu as well. The main menu is divided into dim sum (fish, veggie, meat & buns), noodle and rice dishes, salads and specialities such as curries – in other words, there’s a lot to choose from!


The decor in Dim T Charlotte Street is a beautiful mix of dark and light wood, muted reds and lovely traditional pieces such as these wooden lamps (second photo below) hanging from the ceiling. The whole space feels very calm and collected, and I love the little splashes of colour here and there – especially the muted red and brown tiles at the back of the restaurant. There’s also a big sky window at the end of the room which brings a lot of light into the restaurant and really brings out the wood detail on the wall, too.


Dim T Charlotte Street interiorDim T Charlotte Street interiorDim T Charlotte Street interior


Me and my friend Ella were very hungry when we got to the restaurant, so decided to start with a few different starters before we went on to the bigger dishes. We ordered a portion of vegetable gyoza and a portion of vegetable spring rolls to share, and, well, let’s just say I’m still dreaming about both of them…


Both dishes came with a dipping sauce – the gyoza with a zingy, yet spicy, one and the spring rolls with a gorgeous sweet chilli dip. My favourites were probably the spring rolls – they were so lovely and crunchy and the sweet chilli sauce was so heavenly – but I really liked the gyoza too – I’ve never actually tried it anywhere else before and so it was a very pleasant surprise! If anyone knows what that sauce is made of, I would be eternally grateful – I would love to try and recreate it at home..!


Dim T Charlotte Street vegetarian starters Dim T Charlotte Street vegetarian gyoza


The veggie gyoza with its dreamy sauce…


Dim T Charlotte Street vegetarian spring rolls


The veggie spring rolls – YUM!


Dim T Charlotte Street drinksDim T Charlotte Street vegetarian menu


Next came the mains.


Ella went for the Kung Pao Tofu, which is a vegetarian variation of the original chicken version, and is basically a stirfry with fried, crispy, tofu, different vegetables, garlic and chilli. I had this the last time I visited, and can confirm it is SO. GOOD. Before going vegetarian I would always have the chicken version whenever I had Chinese food, so I’m pretty pleased now that it’s back in my life – sort of, anyway.


My main was a vegetarian katsu, which is a mild curry dish with different vegetables coated in honey breadcrumbs and covered in curry sauce. Me and Ella shared a rice (one portion is more than enough for two people), but I didn’t really need it as my dish came with a lot of shredded carrot which was went perfectly with the rest of the dish.


Dim T Charlotte Street Kung Pao TofuDim T Charlotte Street Kung Pao Tofu


The Kung Pao Tofu


Dim T Charlotte Street Vegetarian Katsu Curry Dim T Charlotte Street Vegetarian Katsu Curry


The veggie katsu curry


Dim T Charlotte Street Toffee Peanut Sundae Dim T Charlotte Street Chocolate Bento Box


I don’t often go for desserts as a) I’m generally more of a savoury person and b) I’m often so full by the time I’m finished with my main, that I genuinely can’t fit anything more in…


This time, however, I had to make an exception. The dessert list at Dim T sounded way too good to pass – with quirky dishes like banana katsu (which they sadly had run out of on our day of visit – sniff!) and chocolate bento box, we just had to see what they were like…


Ella went for the chocolate bento box, which was basically a warm, gooey, brownie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream served in a box (go figure). The actual dish itself was quite standard (yet tasty), but the presentation took it to another level and brought a bit of fun into our Sunday lunch.


I ordered the Toffee Peanut Sundae which consisted of vanilla ice cream, toffee, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and crushed peanuts. The sundae was good, but it was very, very sweet (in retrospect this shouldn’t have been a surprise…) and the portion was way too big for me, which is something to keep in mind on your visit – if I went back I would probably share it with someone else!


Chocolate Bento Box Dim T Charlotte Street Toffee Peanut Sundae


Overall we had a very pleasant experience at Dim T Charlotte Street – the food was amazing (seriously, I loved everything I tried!), the decor was beautiful (those tiles!) and the service was friendly and efficient. The location is also very handy – it’s only about a 5 minute walk away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, but feels a lot more quiet and local, which makes it the perfect spot for an after shopping treat!


**We were guests of Dim T and our meals were complimentary, but all thoughts (and enthusiasm for Asian food and beautiful interiors) is all my own.


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