24 hours in Norfolk: A photo diary


Last Saturday morning me and Jim woke up early and headed to a wedding in Horsham St Faith, a lovely bit of countryside just 5-6 miles from Norwich. We (and the happy couple, of course) couldn’t have been luckier with the weather: we woke up to sun streaming through the blinds and it just kept getting better and better throughout the day.


As we spent most of our time in the wedding and then aimlessly walking around Norwich in the sunshine the next day, I can’t offer you much of a guide, although I have included a tip on where to stay if you ever find yourself in the area! Still, I did want to share a few photos that I took during our short stay as I thought it might be a fun thing to look back to on a later date! If not for anyone else, then at least for me…


I struggle with photography in direct, harsh, sunlight a lot, so this batch of photos also kind of acted as my trial run – I made it my mission to try out different settings and see what works. To be honest, I’m still none the wiser. Some of these turned out nice and exactly how I wanted them, but some feel way too exposed or just not very sharp (although of course I haven’t shared the very worst of the batch with you..!).


If you have any tips on how to shoot in really bright conditions, I’d love to hear them. Next to low light photography, it’s the one thing I’d love to learn how to do better!



Our accommodation for the night, the Black Swan in Horsham St Faith, was so lovely – I completely fell in love with the whole place. Our room was super light and beautifully decorated, there was lots of space for outdoor eating and drinking and the whole surrounding area was so beautiful and quiet. 


The rooms are actually A LOT nicer in real life than they are on the website – I think they’ve renovated the whole place recently but just haven’t updated the website.



Enjoying a few drinks just after the ceremony – I was being a paparazzi and taking photos of people without them knowing… As you do!



These photos were me trying to capture the beautiful evening light, but I’m not 100% happy – how do you not make them get too exposed?! Wahh!



A few beautiful details of our table…



The next day we headed to Norwich for a walk in the sun and lunch – how beautiful and lush is this riverside?!



Then I spied pretty pink houses in the cathedral grounds (above) and the beautiful old architecture of the city centre (below)… Norwich is just so pretty and I can’t wait to return soon!






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