3 podcasts that inspire me to be a better creative

You’re Not the Boss of Me


You’re Not the Boss of Me is my newest find but I really love it! It’s hosted by photographer Olivia Bossert who interviews different creative types from bloggers and other photographers to everything in between. I especially enjoy the chats with photographers as it’s something I’m keen to learn more about and these chats also make me feel super inspired to go out and create something myself.


I’m hoping for even more episodes with photographers and about photography in general, as so far I haven’t found any other podcasts that do that in a really interesting, non-academic way (I’d love to hear some suggestions if you know of any!). 


My favourite episode: What It’s Actually Like Being A Freelance Creative Business Owner with photographer Tania Gault


What She Said 


What She Said is a podcast about blogging and everything relating to creativity by freelance journalist and blogger Lucy Lucraft. The podcast is on its second season and I’ve really enjoyed all of the guests and what they have to say. I like that it’s a mix of really established bloggers whose names I recognised immediately, but also lots of newer names that I didn’t know of before.


I’ve discovered lots of new bloggers and creatives through the podcast, and I think that’s my favourite part of it! Lucy also asks really good questions and themes each episode to the strengths of the guest in question.  


My favourite episode: How to Make Money Blogging with The Travel Hack


Hashtag Authentic


Hashtag Authentic was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to, and I love it so much. The host, Sara Tasker, talks to her guests about Instagram and all other forms of creativity online as well as sometimes having stand-alone episodes where she shares tips and lessons she’s learned.


Sara talks a lot about adding value to everything you do, which is exactly what this podcast does, too – every episode has golden nuggets of wisdom and I can’t not get inspired when I listen to it! Plus her voice is ridiculously soothing, to boot.


My favourite episode: How to Stop Playing Small with Tara Mohr


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