My summer plans for 2018


Summer is by far my favourite time of the year, and when I read The Little Plum’s post on her summer plans last week, it really made me want to write a post like that, too!


I’m actually especially excited about this particular summer! I have a few bigger plans, but mostly I’m just going to try and really tick off a lot of those must-do summer things that I always say I’ll do but then kind of forget about. I’m not sure how long I’ll still be living in London or be as carefree as I am now, so I’d love to learn how to be a little bit more spontaneous. I think summer is a great time to start trying to live a bit more freely – the sunny weather seems to have a habit of making people loosen up a little bit!





14th of June aka my birthday 


I’m most definitely one of those people who *loves* celebrating their birthday, and I generally make sure I have an excuse to celebrate it more than once, too. My friend Sandra and I throw a combined birthday party every year as our birthdays are really close to each other (she’s 7 days older!). We also have a tradition to go to one of those makeover photoshoot things every year – they are so much fun! We never pay the full price, either, as you can always find really good deals on Groupon or Wowcher – it’s usually about £20 per person including hair, make-up and a few photos to take with you. And, if we’re lucky, a few glasses of wine too! 


A week in Finland 


I always try to go back home to Finland for a little over a week every summer – it’s my favourite time of year to visit, and I always have such a great time. This year the trip actually coincides with my actual birthday, which I will be celebrating with a BBQ (weather, please co-operate!) and hopefully lots of friends and prosecco! I’d also really like to go swimming at some point during the trip so, again, weather – please be good!






A UK weekend trip?


I don’t have a lot of specific plans for July yet, so I’d like it to be the month where I explore the UK a bit more. I’d like to go on more day trips, and maybe even stay somewhere overnight. I’d like to visit Margate again (I’ve been dreaming of this Thai restaurant we ate in on my last visit) and Bath, Rye and Cambridge are also on my list. What would you say are the best summer cities or towns to visit in the UK? I need more suggestions!


Enjoy summery London to the fullest


As well as wanting to visit more places in the UK, I’d also love to discover more areas in London and maybe even get to know my local area a bit more. I’d like to think I’m quite familiar with Brixton already, but there’s still quite a few restaurants and pubs I’m yet to visit! It’s so easy to get into a routine and always go to the same places, but I’d really love to try out places I haven’t been to yet, such as The Shrub and Shutter, Okan Ramen Bar and so many more, especially in and around the markets. There are also a few places I’ve already been to once and loved but would love to revisit, like the small plates restaurant Three Eight Four on Coldharbour Lane – their jalapeño wontons are SO. GOOD! 





A long weekend trip somewhere in Europe


Me and my friend Helena, who I went to northern Italy with last year, are planning to do another trip this summer. We’re both trying to be on a stricter budget this year, though, so it’ll probably end up being a slightly shorter trip, but I’m still really looking forward to going – she’s the best travel buddy! We’d love to visit Lisbon, but if we can’t find cheap flights (which doesn’t look very promising at the moment – sniff!), we’ve also decided that we’re always happy to return to Italy, too – it’s kind of like our happy place! 


Arctic Monkeys at Flow Festival, Helsinki 


This was a bit of a spontaneous one! Arctic Monkeys are my all time favourite band, and I’ve been waiting for their new album to come out for what feels like forever (actually about 5 years) and now that it’s finally coming out in less than a week, I started to get super excited about the prospect of a tour as well. However, it turns out that that tour will be an arena tour, which is really not my jam. So, instead, I bought flights to Helsinki for the second weekend of August so I could go to Flow Festival instead, where Arctic Monkeys are the Saturday headliners. It might be a bit silly to fly all the way there, but I much prefer festival gigs to arena gigs, and I think it’ll really be such a fun experience – Flow is such a great festival, too! 




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