Small pleasures | May 2018


Weekend in Norfolk


I think my favourite weekend in May was the first bank holiday (how amazing is it that there’s two in May?!) when we had that amazing weather, and Jim and I headed to the Norfolk countryside for a wedding. We had SO much fun dancing and spending time in the sun, and I personally really loved leaving London for 24 hours – it did me the world of good! The day after the wedding we also spent the morning in the centre of Norwich – I really love that place more and more every time I visit!


Getting inspired by Instagram and photography again


I’ve really had a good month with Instagram and photography in general! Not in the terms of growth, but in the terms of me actually being happy with what I put out there and being inspired to go take some more photos.


I’ve also experimented more with editing over here on the blog – it’s a subtle change, but one that I really like. I want to keep doing it too, so I’m determined to fit in some Lightroom tutorial watching for this bank holiday Monday – if anyone has any good tips or knows any good resources, please let me know! I’d love to buy some VSCO filters for Lightroom, but with a quick googling they seemed quite expensive. I probably will get some eventually, but it might have to wait a while..!




Royal wedding


loved watching the royal wedding SO, so much! I don’t have a strong opinion about the monarchy as an institution per se, but as a foreigner, I’ve just always been so intrigued by the existence of real-life princes and princesses! The fact that I’m obsessed with any show relating to the British monarchy might play a part, too – I’m looking at you The Crown, Victoria and The Tudors!


I loved watching Will and Kate’s wedding a few years ago, but this year’s one felt extra special. Maybe because I had a “bond” with Meghan Markle through loving Suits so much, but mostly because of all the traditions that were broken so that they could have a more modern wedding and marriage. And how in love did they look?! So adorable!


The new Arctic Monkeys album


Are there any other Arctic Monkeys fans here? They’ve been my favourite band ever since my dad first introduced me to them back in 2006 and I’ve loved every single one of their albums so far. I remember being slightly disappointed in their third album Humbug, because it was quite a departure from the style of their first two albums, but when I got over that I realised that it too was such an amazing album in its own right.


Their newest album (after almost a five-year wait, I might add!) was published a few weeks ago and I’m only now starting to get to grips with it – it is SO different to anything they’ve done before! There’s barely any guitars, and the whole album seems to be quite a concept album, too. It took me a few listens to really like it, but I did get there eventually. Alex Turner is an unbelievable songwriter and I don’t think he could ever do anything wrong, to be honest… That said, I do hope that they’ll bring the guitars back to the next album!


My favourite song out of the album is She Looks Like Fun – what’s yours?



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