A little house in the (Finnish) country


One of my favourite things when visiting Finland is heading to the countryside – even if it’s just for a day. I’m definitely more of a city girl, but every now and then I just need to get away – especially in spring and summer when everything just comes alive a little bit more! I’ve talked at length about my love for the Finnish summer before, so I won’t go on and on about it now, but it is just truly magical. Especially when the weather plays ball!


A few weeks ago, when I’d just arrived in Finland, I headed towards the west coast to visit my mum and both my grandmas. Usually, I just head here to see my dad’s mum, but this time I was truly spoiled: my mum (who was born and raised here in Kauttua) has recently bought and completely renovated the cutest house here and uses it as her writing space as well as her own little escape from the city life. I hadn’t seen her new abode yet, so I was very excited!


Let’s explore!



I was greeted with the most wonderful summer lunch: little Karelian pies (a Finnish staple you must try if you ever visit!), fresh veggies, new potatoes and so much more, as well as a freshly baked berry pie, served with vanilla custard – YUM!



My mum has completely renovated and painted the whole house after buying it, and you can truly see her handiwork in it. She has just the most natural sense of what works and what doesn’t, and she’s always been really good at decorating with the most effortless feel. This house is no exception: with white, fresh paint on the walls and bright little details here and there, the house feels super fresh and summery (but, I imagine, will also feel super cosy once the sun goes down!).


A lot of the design here is Finnish (we are a country very proud of our design!) and lots of the furniture and smaller items have been found from the nearby flea market, which is pretty cool.



I love the green view through the windows – how peaceful is that?!



I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my mum’s little house in the country – it’s something a bit different from me but I really wanted to share these photos with you!


Kauttua is very much worth a visit, especially the Kauttua Manor as well as this river-sauna close by. I wouldn’t go all the way here just to visit this town, but luckily you don’t have to: the Unesco World Heritage site Rauma is very close by, as well Finland’s medieval old capital city Turku being only one hour away as well. Maybe next time I’ll take more photos outside too and make a little guide of the area – here’s hoping I get to go back soon!





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