Learning to love Sundays: shopping and brunch in Brixton Village Market

Brunch in Brixton Village Market: Mimosa in Casa Sibilla Brixton Village


I used to never like Sundays – they always made me experience that horrible feeling of fear for the coming week, which would basically then ruin the entire day. Which is silly, really, as I only get two days off per week – why ruin 50% of them by thinking about something that hasn’t even happened yet? So I made it my mission to purposefully stop feeling like that, and these days I actually quite like Sundays, and I very rarely get the fear anymore – yay!


One thing that’s really helped with feeling better about Sundays is actually having things to look forward to in the coming week. And when I say ‘things’, I don’t just mean sociable dinner dates or something special like that, I mean the things I do throughout the week for this little blog of mine.


I have a full-time job alongside Middle of Adventure, and while I really like it, for a long time I felt like I needed something more to put my creativity into, something that would be just mine. And so now on Sundays evenings when I plan my coming week, I actually get excited about writing these posts, editing my photos and engaging with all of you guys – it makes me so happy! And because of this, I very rarely feel that Sunday fear anymore – I don’t need to, because I’m often so excited about what’s to come in the next few days. The next goal, of course, is to get a full time job that makes me feel like that, too – baby steps!


Sorry – I got a bit carried away! This post was actually supposed to be about a lovely Sunday I had a few weeks ago brunching and shopping in Brixton Village Market, so I’m gonna try and actually get to that part, now..!


Brunch in Brixton Village Market: Drink menu in Casa Sibilla Brixton Village Brunch in Brixton Village Market: Casa Sibilla Brunch in Brixton Village Market: Breakfast Bruschetta at Casa Sibilla


So, last Sunday me and my friend Jana, who was visiting London from Finland, headed over to Brixton Village Market for brunch and a mooch around its shops. I originally wanted to head to Burnt Toast Cafe, which I’ve heard so many good things about, but at 10:30am it already had a little queue forming next to it so we decided against it. Instead, we headed to the neighbouring Casa Sibilla, a lovely Italian deli and restaurant.


We started off with mimosas, because why not? I’m convinced that the best Sunday mornings always start with a bit of bubbly! The kitchen here officially opens at 11am, so we had to wait a while to make our food order, but I didn’t really mind – Brixton Village is the perfect place people watching, and I love seeing it come alive in the mornings.


When we did get to make our food order, I went for the avocado bruschetta with chilli jam, rocket and sundried tomato, all drizzled with a bit of balsamico. It was really, really good – I love a good bruschetta, and it was lovely having a slightly different, more breakfast-y version of it!


Brixton Village Market Brixton Village Market cat


The Brixton Village cat – I always see this little beauty around here!


Brixton Village Cornecopia shop in Brixton Village Market Brixton Village Cornecopia shop in Brixton Village MarketBrixton Village Cornecopia shop in Brixton Village Market Brixton Village Cornecopia shop in Brixton Village Market Brixton Village Cornecopia shop in Brixton Village Market Brixton Village Cornecopia shop in Brixton Village Market


Handmade soap straight from Marseilles! Get them from the amazing Brixton Cornecopia, a restaurant and a homestore selling lovely homemade homeware, as well as having a little shop dedicated to all the amazing local produce such as honey, olive oil, teas… You name it, they’ve got it! Most of their food and drink produce come from local sources, so shopping here truly benefits the community – I love it so much!


Clothes shopping in Brixton Village Market Shopping in Brixton Village Market


More amazing shops in Brixton Village include Studio 73 for beautiful and not eye-wateringly expensive prints (my favourites are the beautiful, hand drawn maps of south London!),  Circus for locally made art and design and the Keep Boutique for gorgeous organic and sustainable fashion. That’s just a few of the shops of Brixton Village, though – you’ll have to go here yourself to discover the rest, but I promise you that there’s something amazing around every corner! Have a look at some of the other traders here, although it still doesn’t quite list them all.


Have a great Sunday everyone!




Brunch in Brixton Village Market: Brunch in Casa Sibilla Brixton Village Market serving Italian food like breakfast bruschettas and mimosas


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