Small pleasures | July 2018


Getting to see more of Brighton


We are moving to Brighton! Eek! You probably already knew this if you follow me on Instagram where I’ve been agonising over how stressful flat hunting is but also how excited I am to be moving closer to the sea again.


I’ve been over to Brighton a lot recently to view flats (we actually just secured one – I’m so happy!) and have been thoroughly enjoying exploring more of my future hometown. I’ve found a few new favourite pubs: The Joker and The Hare and the Hounds to name a few, as well as braving a dip in the sea. Here’s to many more happy days in London’s greener cousin!


The heatwave (and getting a fan…)


I’ve never been a fan of excess heat (I’d say my ideal temperature is about 23-24 degrees..!) but I’ve tried my best to enjoy these amazingly sunny days and the warmth. Aside from a few meltdowns (almost literally), I’ve managed quite well, though I couldn’t have done it without my fan aka my new best friend! The cost per use is probably about 0.00001 pence now – that’s how much it’s been in use!


As for the heatwave itself, I’ve tried to enjoy it as much as possible: I’ve been swimming in the sea, I’ve had ALL the ice cream and spent my fair share of time in beer and rooftop gardens!



Trying out new hair & skincare things


I don’t talk about cosmetics here a lot, but I’ve always loved a bit of makeup (especially a bright lip and a good eyeshadow!) and the older I get, the more I’m trying to pay attention to my skin and hair are as well. My hair especially is such a mystery to me – I feel like it’s super fine and brittle whilst getting so greasy so quickly too! 


The lovely people over at Green People (an organic and cruelty-free skin and haircare company from Brighton!) sent me a few minis* to try, including a shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and a shower gel. I liked the ethos and look of the company, but other than that I didn’t really know what to expect. Luckily I really liked everything I tried out a lot, and would definitely purchase again – especially the shampoo and the deodorant.


My hair lasted 1-2 days longer without a wash and the deodorant really kept me un-smelly for the whole day (even during the heatwave!). I’m especially happy about the latter as I’ve been struggling with what to replace my beloved Dove with since going cruelty-free. Yay! It’s the little things indeed. 


Experiencing a bit of English football (/tennis) madness!


When the football world cup started I couldn’t wait for it to be over – I’m just not into the sport at all! But when England started doing well, seeing how happy and ecstatic everyone got was kind of fun! I even went to see one game in the pub which I loved purely due to how amazing the atmosphere was! I still didn’t really care about the actual game but it was fun to experience something that’s such a big part of English culture.


I also went to watch a bit of tennis during a summer event in Portman Square, but to be fair I did spend way more time drinking rum cocktails than I actually watched the screen. Priorities…



*Gifted product


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