Ice cream at Soft Serve Society, Boxpark Shoreditch


Freakshakes and ice cream at Soft Serve Society Boxpark


I’d like to say that I’ve found a little secret place that I’m about to share with you, but in reality, I’m a bit late to the party. Soft Serve Society Boxpark is a little ice cream and milkshake shop in Shoreditch serving freakshakes and soft serve ice cream. You have probably spotted their beautiful creations all over Instagram by now, most famously their dark grey charcoal soft serve seems to be everywhere!


As the name suggests, Soft Serve Society mainly focuses on soft serve ice cream, with six ready planned sundae cups with lots of yummy toppings. If you don’t want to go all the way, you can also opt for just a simple soft serve in a (black!) cone to which you can add just the toppings of your choice, or nothing at all if you just fancy the ice cream itself. They currently do four different flavours: charcoal, vanilla, coconut and matcha.


If you want something a bit crazier, the freakshakes might be for you. Soft Serve Society does five different variations from a strawberry one with a cake and candyfloss to a peanut butter shake with pretzels and a muffin, amongst lots of other toppings. I wasn’t quite brave enough for these – I think I couldn’t possibly eat that much sweet stuff without starting to feel super ill!


With £5.50-£5.95 a soft serve sundae and £8.95 a freakshake, Soft Serve Society isn’t the cheapest of places, but it’s so worth the money. My vanilla and salted caramel sundae was by far the culinary highlight of my Sunday (hehe sundae Sunday!), if not my week!




Pottering around Spitalfieds with my friend Tytti before heading to Boxpark for our ice creams… I love the architecture in this area so much – if you’ve never been I would highly recommend a little visit!



Tytti went for the sundae called What’s Popping? which consisted of vanilla soft serve, sweet and salty popcorn (they were so yummy and crunchy!), a pocky and dark chocolate sauce. So. Good!



My sundae was called Oh Snap! and consisted of vanilla soft serve topped with salted caramel sauce, gingerbread crumbs, salted caramel bits and little waffle. You could also get a shot espresso in this one, but I passed on that as I can’t have much caffeine!


You can find Soft Serve Society in Boxpark in Shoreditch, just next to Shoreditch High Street overground station. Let me know which one was your favourite if you’ve already tried them before!


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